Yahoo Announces NOYDIR Tag

Last year Yahoo mentioned they were working on their version of the NO ODP tag and today they’ve announced officially that the NOYDIR tag is live and will be supported immediately in the US, Japan and Korea (we’ll assume Canada will supported along with the US right?)

I’m glad they’re doing it but in my mind it’s still backwards. We take the time to create proper meta tags and we have to tell search engines to use the content on our pages? Oh well, like I say, it’s good that it’s here. Have you tried to change a Yahoo Directory listing lately?

Yahoo! Releases Podcasting Tools

MediaPost Publications – Yahoo! Releases Podcasting Tools – 10/11/2005 Yahoo! has stepped up to be the first major search player to board the podcast bandwagon. I predict Google to announce their podcast tools in 5…4…3…2…