Ever Wonder How Google Employees Report Spam?

Well they have their own internal spam reporting tools of course. If you work at Google you simply type http://spamreport/ into your G branded FireFox browser and voila. I can’t say I’ve actually seen what’s at that internal URL but I can tell you it’s highly promoted and visible around the ‘plex and around multi monitors. When I was there a couple weeks back with Greg he swiped the scanned document below off a bulletin board and in a round about sort of way I swiped it from him – hehe. Did I say swiped? no. It was on the floor and I’m sure it was near a garbage can. How much you wanna bet that Matt himself did the fancy artwork?



One Trillion Words!! Party on Wayne!! [oilman air guitars around the office] sshhhh….here that? Every autogen script on the planet just got revved up. ngrams@google.com – drop them a note and tell them how badly you’re gonna abuse their goodwill – muaahahahaha That’s 1,146,580,664 five-word sequences – dayum!

Saw Her Eyes Across A Crowded Airport

Ever see that perferct girl or guy across a crowded room or, in this case, airport? Of course, before you can get over there they’ve vanished into the night or San Francisco traffic. Now what do you do? Open and AdWords account of course.

I good friend of mine spotted these water softener reviews on adgroup on a local search for Marriott Hotels in San Francisco:

The bottom ad leads here. No reason to cost the dude more clicks – he’s in love – let’s be kind 😉

Google Customer Relations

So I was chatting with a buddy (Legion: a WebmasterRadio.FM irc regular) on IM today and as is quite common the converstion turned to Google and the vague non-answers they give to support questions and the complete lack of notice on many upcoming changes. He laid it out perfectly for me:

It seems that Google has hired so many bright people (geeks) that as a company they lack the social skills to relate to their advertisers in a graceful way.

BWM Back In Record Time

So BMW.de is back in Google in near record time. I think the only shorter ban was WordPress.org last year. The question is tho – Does BMW.de deserve to be back in? Did the clean up their act? Here’s a bit of a summary for those that missed out on what was actually going on… So here we see BMW.de in the SERPS: Here is the cache of the listing (JavaScript turned off of course). The offending content seems to be taken off BMW.de and the page now is nearly empty with an iframe and some funky redirection. Why is this still in the cache tho? Seems logical that if they were taken out of the index and then put back they shouldn’t come back with old cache data like this. Next is the nice little note the put at the top of the page to remind us to turn on JavaScript: Translation courtesy of Babelfish:

In order to come into the full benefit of the world from BMW to, Javascript must be switched on in its Browser!

Lastly if you are viewing the cached page you need to go all the way to the bottom of the source code to find:

// hide script from old browsers loc = ‘http://www.bmw.com/generic/de/de/products/automobiles /3series/sedan/introduction.html’; if ((document == top.document) && ((navigator.appName != “Netscape”) || (window.statusbar == null) || window.statusbar.visible)) { if ((navigator.appName != “”) && (navigator.appVersion.substring(0, 1) != ‘2’)) location.replace(loc); else location.href=loc; } // end of script

So,yes, that’s kinda old news but there is still some shenanigans going on with redirections and iframes etc but I have a noon deadline for my day job 😉 Hopefully I’ll get some time later to follow up with the iframes and redirects.

Matt Cutts – Internet Funny Man

Matt Cutts, Google engineer, SafeSearch creator, drinker of clear, bubbly, non-alcoholic, beverages, deleter of useful sites and all round nice guy has gone out and picked up new funny bone. Wonder how many shares he cashed in for that? 😉 He’s making the rounds: me WebGuerrilla Dax


I just got an interesting tip from my good friend pmac over at WebmasterWorld. He sent me an interesting google search…

So far in our limited research we’ve found that ‘information’ and ‘info’ searches seem to trigger Wikipedia entries at #1.

There’s been a few threads about postulating Wikipedia surpassing Google as the #1 source of information on the internet. Looks like Google has taken notice of ‘pedia’s explosive growth. Dmoz had some power back in the day but nothing like we’re seeing from Wikipedia today. Imagine how hard it will be to get your content in wikipedia now.

I’ll leave the discussion on the fact that Wikipedia has been proven wrong on a about a zillion occassions now and the power trippin’ editors over there make the dmoz editors look like amateurs.

On a side not I tripped across the Wackipedia the other day. The good ol’ ebonics translater is back 🙂

Suffering Sandbox Syndrome?

Got a site that is languishing in the litterbox and you’ve given up on it? Drop me an email at todd @ oilman.ca

I’m looking for sites that are content rich and I want to either buy the sites or split AdSense/Chitika/YPN money. This is so straight up by-the-books I can’t hardly stomach it 😉

Who Moved My Splog?

Rumor has it that Google has finally gotten off their collective asses and cleaned up Blogspot…


well – 2 min of searching and the rumor appears to be just that. Tho, to be fair it seems that a fair bit has been cleaned out but to say they’re a long long way from being splog-free.

Wide-Flying Moguls: Google Duo’s New Jet Is a Boeing 767-200

I”m 32. Where’s my plane?

Aviation-industry experts estimate that the airplane, because of its age and history, cost under $15 million, and maybe less. That’s roughly one-third the price of a new Gulfstream 550 business jet. In addition, the 767 can carry more passengers and can include sleeping accommodations. The Google co-founders wanted to fit more than 50 people but were limited by federal aviation rules, Mr. Page says. Filled to capacity, it’s potentially cheaper to run, per person than a Gulfstream.

Mr. Page says he and Mr. Brin bought the plane themselves and will use it for personal travel. He says there’s no plan for Google to reimburse the duo for its costs. A Google spokesman says the plane has no formal connection with the company.