The Oilman Moves On

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On June 15, 2005 I took the position of Director of SEO at Range Online Media and embarked on a journey that’s lasted for 2 and a half years and has been nothing short of absolutely amazing and rewarding. For some reason, still not totally known to me, Misty Locke and Cheryle Pingle handed over a growing SEO department to me, a guy that had, up until that point, been working in his bath robe in the basement of his house. I’ll never forget how freakin scared I was to step into a management role and carry the responsibility of growing a whole division of a company. For the next 900 and some odd days the team at Range offered me guidance, forgiveness, patience, mentoring and leadership. The end result has been far and away the most rewarding and enjoyable job of my life. It’s with a very heavy heart that I must share with you today that my time at Range has come to an end. I have taken a VP role at company in Seattle called Visible Technologies. I will be overseeing their search department part of the time but mostly I will be working with the product team on two products: TruCast and TruView. I am very excited to embark on this new path and grow my skill set beyond SEO to include more expertise in reputation management and social media measurement. Visible Technologies is a great company that is backed by Ignition Partners. I’ve had the opportunity to meet several folks at both Visible and Ignition and I’ve been impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of each and everyone of them. I’m confident we’ll all find success together. In order to properly fill the new role at Visible I will be moving to the Seattle area as soon as I can sell my home here and get my family packed up. Look out Seattle – here I come. Yes, I’ll miss my island paradise but the opportunity to work more closely with search community in Seattle is a great benefit that helps offset the extreme sadness of leaving behind a life and friends, here in Victoria, that have been simply wonderful. As I mentioned already, my time at Range has been amazing and I cannot say enough about how great a place Range is to work. The people at Range, long ago, became family. I often have a hard time imagining not being a part of the team at Range anymore. Working at Range has been a privilege. I can’t say enough of Range as a whole or, specifically, the SEO team. The team that reports directly to me is completely badass. Watching them hit homerun after homerun for the likes of Neiman Marcus, Nike, Sharper Image, Macy’s and more has been such a pleasure. There is nothing like managing a world class team. Lastly, Range is working hard to add some new staff to the SEO department. I will still be the Director of SEO until January 31 so please send me resumes directly to todd at rangeonlinemedia dot com or you can submit them to our HR department. I will be helping sort through applications and resumes to ensure that Range continues to have a world class SEO team.


  1. Congrats, I think. Indeed… look out Seattle. Did you sent a warning to SEOMoz already? 🙂

  2. I expect to hear something on SEO Rockstars about this soon, Todd!

    Think you might be switching hats a little also and get back to more fun stuff?

  3. Good luck Todd! I guess when the Victoria SEM crowd finally gets together (whenever that happens) you won’t be present. It is unfortunate, I had hoped to get to know you here. Well good luck in Seattle! I am sure with your extensive background Visible Technologies will have a big edge.

  4. I’m always glad to hear about people moving to bigger and better things even though it may mean leaving an already good situation. Congratulations!

  5. Seattle looks forward to getting you further addicted to caffeine… 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you on a regular basis,

  6. Congrats Todd – sounds like a really exciting new position and a great fit.

    Good luck with the move!

  7. Best of luck, Todd. It has been great working with you. You deserve a lot of credit for building a world-class SEO team to carry on after your departure.

    The Oilman will genuinely be missed…

  8. You KNOW that Rand’s going to wrangle you in for a Whiteboard Friday video…

  9. jimbeetle says:

    Congrats and good luck, Todd.

  10. @KenSavage – Range has always been fun. Truly a ridiculous amount of fun 😉

    @An Bui – more caffeine? sweet

    @Philish – you too brother – you have no idea.

    @Rebecca Kelley – I’m offended he hasn’t to this point 😉 I’m in Seattle often enough…

    @eveyone else – thanks for the well wishes one and all

  11. Congrats on the new gig! I guess now you’re officially going to become more of an American now. LOL

    Good luck with the move!

  12. Congrats, Todd — Visible is lucky to have you. Welcome to Seattle.

  13. So Todd, does this mean Misty will be moving into your position..since she doesn’t work for you anymore?

    Congrats buddy.

  14. Congratulations, I hope things work out well for you.

  15. Hmmm… beware that Visible is attached to Zeitgeist, favorite coffee shop of a few independent SEOs, so you may want to secure your laptop/wifi before turnignit on at your new desk 😉

    Welcome to Seattle.

  16. Good luck in Seattle Todd! Those of us here in Canada will miss your your presence. I’m sure you will propel Visible Technologies to great successes – Dev Basu

  17. Matthew Brown says:

    Congrats man! Drinks are on me when I get up to Seatown soon.

    Remember the sage advice mix-a-lot gave us:

    “rollin thru Tacoma you could get burned….better make a u-turn!”

  18. Wow, looks like Seattle struck oil!

    Good luck with your new gig! Grab your umbrella!



  19. Congrats… and another one goes to Seattle. Good luck on the new projects, keep the blade sharp!

  20. Best of luck – from all your fans in New York.

  21. We all love you, man, and are proud of everything you’ve done here at Range and everything great you will continue to do!

  22. Welcome to Seattle, Todd! I recently started working in Pioneer Square as well – we’ll have to grab coffee, or beer, depending on the time of day.

  23. Todd… best of luck with the move… no dolubt you leave big shoes to fill at Range and add immediate value to the new venture… but if I see you attending conferences in the grunge look I will have to say something!

  24. I’d seen your name around the search space before, and likewise Range’s name, but had no idea you were leading their search dep’t. Sounds like they did a good job recruiting you! How long had you been doing SEO prior to joining Range Online?


  25. Todd – we’ll miss working with you. Your new shop looks amazing and best of luck, great step forward.


  26. Good luck Dale 😉 (holy CRAP it is weird to think back to that)

  27. congrats todd! excited to have you only a wireless-enabled train ride away! 🙂

  28. Todd,

    Wishing you all the best at Visible, looks like an exciting role.



  29. Really going corporate eh? Good for you and good luck!

  30. Good luck in the next venture, my friend. When you come back to San Francisco, I promise to get to the next bar a bit faster than the last time.

  31. As I type this I’m on hold for Governor Gregoir trying to block your passage into the States.

    Seriously – a congratulatory beer on me next time I see ya.

  32. Congrats, and good for you. Seems the timing is good, and the position looks great.

  33. Congratulations Todd. Best to you and your family in Seattle. I think you’ll always have a seat at any future Victoria SEO meet-up.


  34. Good luck Todd!

  35. Hey dude, congrats, and i’ll sink a beer or two for you.

  36. ..gates finally finds a replacent – film at eleven! hehe

    Hey congrats OIL! Seattle is a fun town. Good luck dude.

  37. Sounds like you have earned it Oil. Good luck in the future.

  38. elisabeth osmeloski says:

    late to the party here, but not to the news… I’m sad for Range, but happy for you!

    Can’t wait to see the new stuff you’ll be doing at Visible.

  39. Congrats!

    Is the position at Range going to be virtual or are they looking to hire someone to move to one of their locations? If so, which location?

    Thanks for the info!

  40. Congrats man. Range and you did well by each other. You’ll do well at Visible too.

  41. Heh, now you’re moving to the Great Satan you’ll have to keep the tat covered up, else you’ll be beaten for being a foreigner.

    Ya hoser 🙂

  42. Awesome news Todd! I met Adam Selig at the Stream event last year and what an awesome guy. I’m bleak that my ORM competition just got better, but good for you.

    Have a blast!


  43. good luck with seattle todd and, of course, congrats 🙂 //g

  44. Congrats! Let’s get drinks and stuff the next time you’re in Seattle area.


  45. Todd,
    We look forward to having you a part of the team. See you soon. Ironically, I ran across this blog post using our TruCast application.

    Dan Hall
    HR Manager
    Visible Technologies

  46. Good luck in Seattle. I hope you can find time to do the radio show.

  47. Hey Todd,

    Fantastic!! Leaving one dream job for another dream job.
    Isn’t it a wonderful world?

    Wishing you every success in your new position!

    Matt VW

  48. Looks like I am alittle late to hear the news (as always) but man I am super duper Happy for you man. you have come along ways from the time of days and its been great watching and learning from you along the way. It sucks I don’t go to more event’s that way we can atleast still say hi but its cool man, You will always be the oilest seo I ever know;).

  49. Hey, welcome to the United States of America Todd! Best of luck with the new job and city and hope to see you at a search conference.

  50. Todd, good luck at the new job mate. Will you still be posting here? I just found your blog.


  51. Wishing you every success in your new position!

  52. Congrats Todd. All the best to you


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  2. […] Todd Friesen Leaving Range Online Media Todd Friesen has announced that he is leaving Range Online Media and going to Visible Technologies. That’s big news in […]

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