Diggin Digg For Fun And Profit

(well more for profit than fun obviously)

Last night Greg and I had Graywolf on SEO Rockstars with us and he laid it out about gaming digg and myspace with some scripts, multiple accounts and some creative thinking. It was a very interesting show. At the end of the day any social network that controls the kind of traffic that digg, myspace, squidoo, etc control is going to be a target of spammers and automation (that’s the profit part).

Head over to WebmasterRadio.FM and grab the archive of show. It’s a good listen.


  1. Good choice of wordpress theme, I used it once and removed the footer credit, just a couple minutes after I removed it I got an email from Matt Mueller saying, “Hey you could at least leave a link credit to me”, I said “Sorry dude, I am just playing around with it so calm down” … then quickly chose another theme after making friends with Matt. 🙂

    Yep, I enjoyed the show…and like graywolf.

  2. Unfortunately, is this is not this realizably for German bloggers. A tip Ohe adds it this one is advised against by Google at once? Do you paint because of Oder to bad English because of spam from the Coments?

    Greeting from Germany

  3. I use subvertandprofit.com , it is very profitable 🙂