Natural Link Acquisition

If you’ve ever sat in on linking panel that I’ve been on at SES or Pubcon you’ll have heard one thing over and over: Your link growth must look natural. The first misconception is that I mean your links should grow slowly. That’s not what I’m saying at all. There is far more to it than that. As yourself these questions:

How many links do my competitors have? What is the density of their various anchor terms? What is the spread of unique IPs these links come from? What are the authority sites in your space?

If you isolate the single issue of too many links too fast you have to throw out all those viral sites that rank over night. If that were the only flag we’d never see all those idiots shooting bottle rockets out of their asses rank their, tribute to idiocy, webpages overnight. So how do you gain natural looking links quickly? The first method that is commonly over looked is press releases. You can do a press release for anything you like and someone somewhere will pick it up as content for their site. This is cheap and effective. Start at PRWeb and for less than $100 you’re on your way to a pile of permanent links that, by nature of a press release, will be generally on topic. Secondly you can become the authority in your space by writing articles. Now, waiting for people to find these articles and link you their own is a painful experience that requires a the patience of a monk. There are several services out there to help you along. My favorite is Article Sender. It’s a donation base service that will submit your article to a vast array of potential publishers. Once again the pickup will vary by topic and industry but the cost/benefit of it is unbeatable by any standard. Now go get your links.


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