Want an MSN AdCenter Account?

UPDATE: All invites have been handed out. Sorry to those that didn’t get one.

MSN is giving away AdCenter accounts. Well, actually current account holders are giving away AdCenter invites. We got this email today:

Dear Todd,

We’re excited to recognize your participation and feedback that have helped us shape the pilot of MSNŽ adCenter. To thank you for using adCenter to promote your business, we’d like to offer you an exclusive opportunity to refer friends and colleagues to apply for the pilot.

In addition to an invitation into the pilot, your nominees will receive a special offer to join our complimentary campaign set-up service called QuickLaunch. This service offers the assistance of a Media Specialist, making it easier to set up campaigns, migrate and optimize current P4P campaigns, and learn how to best manage campaign performance in adCenter.

So, share the benefits of adCenter today and access your exclusive invitations.

We look forward to welcoming your friends and colleagues to MSN adCenter.


The MSN adCenter team

So feel free to post here and I’ll be happy to hand them out. Those offering money, of course, will move to the top of the list ;) My paypal address is…..


  1. SEO Power says:


    Todd Can I get one please?


  2. Matt Cutts says:

    Dude, everybody got this email. My cat has like 30 invites. ;)

  3. oilman says:

    yeah – I know – it’s everywhere. I figure maybe 3 people that read my blog might not have found an invite in their cereal box this morning – hehe

  4. Born Busy says:

    Hi – Todd

    Can you zip me one too?

    Thanks … Ron

  5. Brian Mark says:

    Gee… I didn’t get an invite. All I get is the MSN rep calling me every other week begging me to sign up. Why am I always left out? :-(

  6. Ray says:

    Hi Todd,

    May I get one please?


  7. Hitman says:


    I’ll take one.

    Great show BTW.

  8. chris says:

    I would like a invite please. I have no money and am homeless, I live in a tent and need to make money to buy some clothes so anything would help :)

  9. graywolf says:

    Were actually able to send any out? Mine kept throwing an error .

  10. I have one already but I need to get one for one of my clients. I don’t know why I did not get the email.

    I signed up for one at SES NY for somebody and MSN never got back with them. They finally called and got it turned on.

  11. Joergvader says:

    MSN didn’t sent some over to Germany :-(
    May I have one?


  12. JF says:

    Hey, great. I don’t eat cereal, so I’d like one if you can. Thanks.

  13. Rasmus says:

    Dude, I don’t have a cat, but I would like an invite. Thanks! :)

    If you can’t spare one, I’ll give Matt’s cat a call and see if we can do a deal with some KitteCat snacks involved. I’m sure a cat with 30 invites would be able to pick up the phone and pass me an invite ;)

  14. coho75 says:


    Can I get one of those invites, too?


  15. oilman says:

    Invites are in email to y’all. Chris and Ray – it wouldn’t accept your email addresses “For Security Reasons”. Sorry about that. You two piss of MSN recently? hehe

  16. Jeremy says:

    Hi there,

    *insert compliment* Awesome blog :)
    *fishing for freebie* Can you please send me an Invite?

    Thanks! :P

  17. Gene says:

    My cat ate mine! Would you shoot me over one if you have a spare? I I would appreciate it :-) . P.S. Love your show on WebMasterRadio.fm — sounds like you guys are having a blast. I will have to check out SEORockstars.com today! Later.

  18. Mike says:

    If the offer is still available, I’d appreciate an invite. Thanks!

  19. Jarrod says:

    Can I have one? That would be awesome!


  20. DariusY says:

    would love an invite.


  21. PaulZ says:

    I’d love an invite. I figured I’d once posted a “fair and balanced” view of Microsoft products and got myself blackballed ;)

  22. Rob says:

    Hey Oil, can I snag one of those msn ads invites? =)

  23. chris says:

    Well, on the off-chance there are actually any left, would you mind sending me one?

    Thanks a million

  24. Lorenzo says:

    Hey Oil ill pay $50 for an invite.

  25. charles says:

    Do you have anymore?
    If you can spare one, I’d love one please.

  26. Sarah says:

    Look like I am late. But if one is available, I would like to have it too, thanks!

  27. David Retief says:

    I maybe late,but may I get an invite to,please Oilman.

  28. oilman says:

    Hey everybody. Nice to see you all stop by now and again. I wish I had an invite for all of you but they’ve all been handed out at this point. Sorry to all of you that didn’t get one.