Interesting Duplication In bing

Interesting Duplication In bing

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etc so did this search: trigeminal neuralgia. Below is a screenshot of what online pharmacy generic brand medications I saw: <br />” width=”455″ height=”429″ /></a> The color coding shows the duplication. Not much variety there at all. In <a my opinion if you get to be listed in the one box that should be your listing for the page. What say you?


  1. algoholic says:

    I can agree regarding the Red Mayoclinic Listing, About the other two – I think the one box link is small enough not to cancel/drop the full listing.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the one box content promoted data and the rest of the regular SERP come from different sources at this stage, in a matter that bing cannot really “understand” the duplication and/or omit the second result before the page renders.

  2. Ryan Jones says:

    overall I agree with the duplication, time will tell on how exactly Bing will work but overall I am happy with it even with the few quirks it has.

  3. Mal says:

    The top box gives Bing another chance to display PPC ads and give you the article without leaving Bing. They later give you a link to that same article so you can get to it directly off Bing and their additional advertisements and features. I actually like the format. The other results they give are pretty much in line with Google… mayo, wiki, nih. Bing gives 2 references to different pages on nih just like Google but they are not indenting yet with “sitelinks”…

  4. Shortly it will be almost impossible to have any SEO visitors if you are not wiki, or pubmed or some other big old fancy website :(

  5. Art Shred says:

    I think it`s all-right. Really, such duplication serves its purpose.

  6. Carz says:

    Does this duplication technique applies to content that has been duplicated in other sites? I hope not. Since it’s totally going to lower my site traffic.

  7. Alex Nash says:

    yes, i too agree with algo that one box link is small enough not to cancel/drop the full listing, many webomaniacs are doing such things, they just copy article into their web and publish it while editing, but i m sure they would be caught by SEO’s, i m sure their PR would be too far from top 10-20 list’s, lol.

  8. shivaji says:

    Yes, me also faced this. Nice article fro SEO people

  9. TigerTom says:

    As far as I’m concerned, any competition to G00gl3 is A Good Thing.

  10. “I have a minor medical condition called trigeminal neuralgia and it recently started flaring up a tiny bit. Nothing major but it’s been in remission for months and decided to see if bing had any news on new treatments etc so did this search: trigeminal neuralgia. Below is a screenshot of what I saw.”

    I don’t really think that the duplication you saw should make a great deal. Although the content maybe the same, the sites are still different. So it’s not suprising that some search engines would list one item below the other.

  11. directory says:

    seems few duplicates erased now :D

  12. Ruri says:

    I heard enough bing still have trouble, so I think they should put their search engine on beta version before kill their of reputation.
    Have you heard bing also have trouble to filter porn? I read this in other blog. In result many parents ban bing.

  13. This seems to happen on most any search in Bing where a ‘highly authoritative’ source is found (e.g. wiki sites, large sites with 1000s of pages, etc).

    It’s a shame – because it massacres the value of the results, really (as a user).

  14. “Are you in the market for any kind of digital electronics such as cameras, lcd TVs, MP3 players, etc?”

    Does this have any advantage over purchases done in stores or known electronic stores? Does this site hold a wider collection than those available on stores?

  15. “Below is a screenshot of what I saw:”

    The layout of its function is interesting and effective. Although it really helps more if the reader sees the discretion between the duplication and credibility of the source.

  16. Sanuk says:

    Lately I’ve noticed that google has been using raster images for their logo. I wonder if this is to compete with bing’s usage of a new daily photo on the homepage? I’m a huge fan of bing so far.

    ~ Sanuk

  17. Good point, it is not valuable to waste space on a search engines by providing duplicate results… Someone should bring this up to them, but I am sure their R&D already noticed the issue.

  18. Jimmy says:

    I still cant get my head round bing, while it is a relaunch and seems to be picking up ground from a naming/branding perspective I think Live was better but just didnt have the support/backing bing was is getting.

    I will be interested to see their paid search/PPC promotions getting pushed more heavily in the coming months

  19. Max Gates says:

    I think its just a minor flaw in Bing which I am sure Microsoft will fix in the days to come.

    Adding to what Sanuk said – I also love Bing’s changing background Image everyday it feels fresh and they really use some awesome Images and Yes Google is copying Bing’s idea which in a sense shows their desperation.

  20. dodger says:

    But what’s bad in dublication? Google make the same usually. And it’s good, I think.

  21. I think Bing still has some tweaking to do to clean up their search results a bit. Duplicate links are not a great user experience.

  22. Stu says:

    I think Microsoft are slowly working out a few kinks in Bing’s algorithms, I’m noticing far fewer of these duplicates now than when Bing first launched. Let’s hope they continue to improve things and provide a true competitor to Google, that can only be a good thing.

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