Links, Condoms, Shit and Fans

Man alive – take a couple days off after SES Chicago to go to a Christmas party and the shit really hits the fan…

Referrals are through the roof on my old parody site Link Condom and I’ll tell you why even tho I’m sure you aleady know and the truth of the matter is that I’m just blogging about this story as a complete bandwagoner.

It turns out that Mr. Jeremy Zawondy is selling links using a broker (that I happen to buy from and recomend on a nearly daily basis). For $300 a month you can be a clearly defined ‘Sponsor Link’ on Jeremy’s blog. So that means if you’ve been under a rock for the past week or just got computer and logged on to the internet for the first time ever and somehow found your way here I should point out why this is news since many people sell links. Ok – here we go…

Who is Jeremy Zawodny?
Well, he’s this guy. Jeremy is *THE* quintessential blogger of our age. Getting a link on his blog is like actually striking oil in your backyard. A link on this dude’s blog will drive you traffic and link juice all day long. Remember hearing about authority sites? Jeremy is an authority on everything.

Why should I care if Jeremy sells links?
Because search engines hate buying and selling links. The practice of buying and selling links tends to point out he MASSIVE holes in their algorithms. The pointing out of holes in algos tends to not be an activity your typical search engine likes to see go on. So let’s tie Jeremy into this…Well, for starters he works for Yahoo. Secondly he’s essentially daring the engines to throttle his outflow of link juice.

So does Matt Cutts (btw: always link to Matt with the non-www version of his domain – he likes that) at Google flick the switch and turn off the flow from Zawodny’s site? C’mon – do it – we’re all watching and waiting with baited breath. Well, I actually have gold fish cracker breath today cuz that’s all that’s in the office.

To sum up: The shit hit the fan cuz Zawodny didn’t put a condom on his link.

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  1. Came here from Matt Cutts latest entry.

    This post was just to funny!

    Thanks for a nice laugh.


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