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Who Moved My Splog?

Who Moved My Splog?

Rumor has it that Google has finally gotten off their collective asses and cleaned up Blogspot…

well – 2 min of searching and the rumor appears to be just that. Tho, to be fair it seems that a fair bit has been cleaned out but to say they’re a long long way from being splog-free.


  1. How hard is it to pull anything medication / viagra related, inspect it, & kill it hard & fast if it is a splog. I don’t get what the problem is for Google here. Find it & kill it!!

  2. yep – totally agree. It should be dead easy to clean it up.

  3. if they really want to…

  4. Russian spammer - Max says:

    I am impressed. You listed three of my spam blogs here 🙂