Suffering Sandbox Syndrome?

Got a site that is languishing in the litterbox and you’ve given up on it? Drop me an email at todd @

I’m looking for sites that are content rich and I want to either buy the sites or split AdSense/Chitika/YPN money. This is so straight up by-the-books I can’t hardly stomach it ;)


  1. IncrediBILL says:

    Not a bad idea, just hope you’re CYA in case you get some site making money and they up and sell it out from under you.

  2. oilman says:

    Consider all asses covered :) It’s actually quite easy to avoid losing the site and the traffic.

    Now back to checking email – got a couple interesting responses already.

  3. WilliamC says:

    Well, i already know the details, but for anyone else out there, this is a solid project and the R&D on it has been rather well thought out.