More Google Base

There’s quite a good thread running over at regarding Google Base including some screenshots. My first question is: if it’s such a big secret why did it go live long enough for someone to get screenshots? and how the hell did they know it was live? Gotta love Google’s PR machine 🙂

Check out this search…that, my friends, is a wide open door to what I’ve heard about Google Base. Just think if that result was feed based and you didn’t even have to leave google to see the cheapest flights…or the hottest jobs…or where all the garage sales are in your neighborhood this weekend…or…or…or…use your imagination.

But wait now you say…Google’s not a portal…riiiiight. Wake up and smell the money.

UPDATE: I actually have a screen shot from about 10 min ago:
Google base


  1. >Why did it live long enough to get screenshots?

    Well, that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that it ‘lived’ long enough for CNN to do a write up on it.