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I just got an interesting tip from my good friend

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pmac over at WebmasterWorld. He sent me an interesting google search…

So far in our limited research we’ve found that ‘information’ and ‘info’ searches seem to trigger Wikipedia entries at #1.

There’s been a few threads about postulating Wikipedia surpassing Google as the #1 source of information on the internet. Looks like Google has taken notice of ‘pedia’s explosive growth. Dmoz had some power back in the day but nothing like we’re seeing from Wikipedia today. Imagine how hard it will be to get your content in wikipedia now.

I’ll leave the discussion on the fact that Wikipedia has been proven wrong on a about a zillion occassions now and the power trippin’ editors over there make the dmoz editors look like amateurs.

On a side not I tripped across the Wackipedia the other day. The good ol’ ebonics translater is back :)


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