Ever Wonder How Google Employees Report Spam?

Ever Wonder How Google Employees Report Spam?

Well they have their own internal spam reporting tools of course. If you work at Google you simply type http://spamreport/ into your G branded FireFox browser and voila. I can’t say I’ve actually seen what’s at that internal URL but I can tell you it’s highly promoted and visible around the ‘plex and around multi monitors. When I was there a couple weeks back with Greg he swiped the scanned document below off a bulletin board and in a round about sort of way I swiped it from him – hehe. Did I say swiped? no. It was on the floor and I’m sure it was near a garbage can. How much you wanna bet that Matt himself did the fancy artwork?



  1. Matt Cutts says:

    If you want, I can ask someone to put little cut-out faces of Greg and you on those spam pigs. :)

  2. JeffpOsaka says:

    That is funny. Matt’s comment is funnier.

  3. oilman says:

    aw c’mon Matt. We’re as pure as the driven snow these days :)

  4. komik says:


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