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Blink And It’s Gone

Blink And It’s Gone

lets try this for a month or three… says Brett Tabke, owner of

I just finished reading a fun post by my buddy WebGuerrilla (that’s the terrorist not the monkey to you n00bs and it’s 2 r’s and 2 l’s for those of you that have spell check turned off…) and figured this is newsworthy so I’d get on the bandwagon.

In my opinion BT clearly wants to have WMW delisted entirely as per the following quote from the thread linked above:

a solution is being tested and worked on. It will probably take atleast 60 days for the old pages to be purged from the engines.

The solution he’s talking about is an internal search tool and he’s clearly indicating that he expects the site out of the engines within 60 days.

Tho I highly doubt I’m the first person to do this (I suspect at least 50 submissions of wmw’s robots.txt today already) I thot I’d help him out a bit…


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