YouTube Canada? Take Off Eh!! Buncha Hosers

Wheee – YouTube is launched in Canada. I can barely contain my excitement and appreciation that someone has recognized us in the Frozen North and…wait…excitement contained and anger rising. This is about the lamest, insulting, piece of crap I’ve seen in a long time and it’s your lucky day cuz I’m gonna rant about it for a bit…EH!! Let’s start with the YouTube Canada home page:


First off, YouTube Canada get’s a teensy weensy little Canadian flag up in the top right corner of the screen? C’mon, where’s the love? Where’s the Canadianized version of the YouTube logo? You know, the one where the red box behind “Tube” is a maple leaf. We don’t even get It just redirects to ca. Next is the blog. Here’s my favorite bit:

In developing territory-specific YouTube sites, we wanted to bring YouTube to you, in your language..

Your language from naati translation services? I’ll be the translation was a bitch…all those extra U’s in words. At least YouTube did a nice promotional video for us. You can see how the highlighted above with the fancy title bar and the great name: “YouTube Canada, Eh?”. Yeah, we say Eh. At least it sounds like a letter of the alphabet and not the unintelligible American grunt of “huh?”. Funny stuff YouTube. You sure nailed it. How well you’re endearing yourself to the Canucks. Let’s watch the video… Are you freakin kidding me? I had to look at my calendar to make sure this wasn’t a horribly ill conceived April Fools joke. Nope. It’s November 6. You really think some total tool with the personality and screen presence of piece of drywall (sheetrock for you Americans) wandering filming Canada flags is engaging? Oh look he’s trying to make the flags flap by blowing…hahahahha…pffft. The best part of this is the complete and utter slap to the face of Canadians when this retard says “you disappointed me again Canada, but not YouTube Canada…”. What? You launch a service in my country and then tell me I’ve disappointed you? What kinda message is that? What exactly is disappointing you? The fact our dollar is worth more than yours? The fact that EVERYBODY would rather have a Canadian flag on their backpack than an American flag when aceboater traveling abroad? At least you got the logo right at the end of the video.Welcome to Canada YouTube. Now take Tony and Take Off Eh!!


  1. This video is sad. I’m embarrassed that this guy is American.

  2. That has to be the dumbest video… I stopped it when he began blowing into the mic.

  3. I don’t even have to see the video to know that it’s lame.
    Three things yankees should know about Canada:
    1. Fuckin’ eh is different than plain old eh.
    Eh is what we say at the end of sentences as our frozen northern minds try to formulate our next thought. Fuckin’ eh is what we say when Sidney Crosby scores.
    2. BC Bud is not a local beer.
    3. Upon viewing the vid of YoutubeCanada, most of us moose-loving, chesterfield potatoes would say Please Take yer canuckian youtube and shove it. Of course we say please as everyone knows that Canadians are polite.

    Oot and Aboot

  4. …you canadians are a bunch of dopes

  5. Yes, please would you very politely shove it where the sun don’t shine. Incidentally, even in these northern wastelands, we still get sun, so this is not an appropriate destination… So thanks, but no thanks eh.

  6. I searched for canada on youtube and within a few seconds I found a much better video that represents Canada.


  7. Neil how did you view that video?

    “To view this video or group, please verify you are 18 or older” 😉

  8. I lied… just don’t tell my mom. 😉

  9. Whoever this conceited author is, get an education. Learn yourself. This article is a flake.

  10. Captain Canada says:

    What a crappy video and poor way to show Canada.
    Canada rules because we are positive with each other (in Canada) and the rest of the world.
    We rule because we have so many different cultures and share and accept these cultures.
    Maybe we will be the first country on earth were being “canadian” means that you can be any colour, race, culture, religion.
    Noone would be able to distinguish a canadian when abroad, because Canada will be composed of all the various races on earth in an balanced and equilibrated way.

    No BS video disgracing the flag please.
    Go blow something else (please, because i am a polite Canadian).

  11. Todd:

    Tony is actually Canadian and not a YouTube American. While I agree that video of his wasn’t his best, his other videos on YouTube are quite funny. If you have the time, go watch some of his other work. I highly doubt you will though since the Internet is all about making snap judgements about people. Dugg!

  12. DollarPhil says:

    Canada should just feel lucky that we Americans decided to share YouTube with them. The video and logo is lame, but so is canada – eh?

  13. notepad84 says:

    “Canada should just feel lucky that we Americans decided to share YouTube with them. The video and logo is lame, but so is canada – eh?”

    I could say the same for ebay and yahoo.. PWNED!

  14. We call sheetrock drywall to Canadian…

  15. SuthernBoy says:

    You Canadians are just pissed that we “Mer-Cans” (as mad king Bush pronounces it) have a strangle-hold on Lord Stanley’s Cup. Now relax and enjoy some of that good, strong beer you guys make up there in Moose-land, or we’ll have to send Kovalchuck up there to show you how scoring goals is done.

  16. I thought we did a much better job of defining Canadian sensibilities in our short stream of babble video from our PEI roadtrip.
    No blowing flags – but highly jingoistic never-th- less.

  17. jack skeleton: no, We’re rich dopes, lol!!!!!

    DollarPhil: lol, you didn’t have to share it, we already have access to youtube with our faster internet connection. Canada lame? How about lame US with your sagging dollar, increasing debt, crazy security waittimes and torture, NO Thanks. Everytime i read comments like your, It just movivate me to download all the latest movies games and music and share them. Everything free free free, lol!!!!!!!

  18. WTF?

    You douche bag,
    why is that illegal pitching shit to CAN?

  19. “Canada should just feel lucky that we Americans decided to share YouTube with them. The video and logo is lame, but so is canada – eh?”

    You do realize that Canadians have always been able to visit and use Youtube

  20. damn mercans! u think that KOVALCHUCK is URS? Hes a COMMIE RUSKIE — all the BEST players are from OUT OF TOWN — damn mercans go worship MAD KING BUSH


  21. What a complete idiot!

  22. Huck huck huck. All those repeated stereotypes are just hilarious! Each time you said eh I just lost it! You are hilarious, don’t die in a fire or anything.

  23. Who the hell goes to youtube canada? I’m canadian and just visit the .com

    I understand sites that deal with money.. but these are videos.

    You’ve brought shame to your country.. stop bitching about silly things..

  24. i always laugh when people bring hockey into these debates. according to the current ducks roster the previous season’s stanley cup winners the canadian ratio to american and european combined is more that 2:1 (15 out of 24). as for carolina there are more canadian players than american 11-9. as for tampa bay, there are 15 canadian and only 3 american. and even detroit…altho european heavy has 8 canadian and only 3 american. so before anyone brings up how AMERICAN teams are far more superior…just take a look-see as to why it is.

    **disclaimer-these are from current year rosters…but they haven’t changed much.

    but, i like america and americans…just certain people make things unbearable.

  25. So… you’re incensed over:
    1. No giant Canadian flag logo.
    2. Wording in a blog entry.
    3. A video that was posted.

    Bang-up coverage there, Internet Ace.

  26. ahahahhhaha Canada Sucks!

  27. okay, seriously. Quit bitchin. Is this really the only thing you have to whine about? Wow, lucky.

  28. Oh, I can’t wait for the UK version, then. 🙂

  29. Nope.
    People, if there ever was a video that said “CANADA” like no other, this is it. (and it was provided by a Canadian friend)

  30. ahahaha Canada Sucks but yet our dollar kicks your fat-oily asses. Maybe if you guys stop eating JUNK food which your parents feed you everyday, your brains will stop acting like one. Arrogant fucktards.

  31. After reading all the comments, I’m pretty sad to call myself a Canadian. All we have to say is crap about how our dollar is better and how were polite, how people would rather have a Canadian flag while going abroad. Come on, cut the crap, all the acceptance of so many different cultures without the a defined cultural reference has caused identity crisis in Canada. What is Canada, but a whole bunch of different racial sectors because no one integrates into any culture. But it’s great to see that as a Canadian we truly believe in something that doesn’t exit. It’s not all rainbows and butterfly’s Canada is just full of bigots who say “I’m glad were not American” and assume that we’re not attached to their fate.

  32. CaptainCanuck says:

    YouTube just wants a piece of this:

    1.00 CAD = 1.10145 USD

  33. I don’t really understand how the fact that the guy is American has anything to do with the fact that he is not funny. It is a stupid video and does not reflect on anyone’s nationality. It is just plain stupid. Not every comment on every board has to be a nationalistic pissing contest.

  34. nitePhyyre says:

    Hey DollarPhil, your name is quite ironic, here you are bashing Canada, while our dollar is bashing yours.

  35. “ahahahahhhahah Canada Sucks!”

    Actually, as an American, I can say that Canada seems to be about 50 million times better than America for about 60 million reasons… one problem, since I live on Miami Beach, I’m not about to brave the frigid air to enjoy their hospitality… USA is going down the tubes so fast it’s absurd… I won’t even get into all the reasons why…

    Oh, and before you can…

    “Well if you hate America so much, why don’t you just leave you fucking communist!?!?” … ahh, what a good point… thanks… have a nice day.

  36. Before I saw the video, I thought you guys were being too harsh. After watching the video, all that crosses my mind, is a giant wtf. What was he thinking with “You disappointed me again, Canada.”

    Okay, that video was lame, and I’m not even Canadian.

  37. Ow my head… I can’t believe YouTube was this stupid…

  38. Well look at that — seems the video was removed today! Must have been enough people thinking it was totally ridiculous.

    In Minnesota, drywall is sheetrock, which is still drywall. They’re the same, I use both,

  39. The united states is a crumbeling economy with over 400 billion in debt.

    Canada has a surplus of 30 billion

    The US military was strong but now is weak fighting a bunch a ragheads they cant even beat

    The US has private healthcare which indeed lets everyone be exploited and possibly lose limbs instead of having surgery

    The US has problem with Terrorists why do you think that is? We dont get bombed here, and trust me bombs work in the cold here.

    Your leaders an idiot.

    The Terminator is your govenor for fuck sakes.

    Your country had a time, but so did ROME.

    Rome fell as you are now.

    OH P.S.

    The Dollars in my pocket are worth more than yours



    A Proud Canadian

  40. Huh huh. So… Canadian joke, here.

    A: Who was that lady I saw you with last night?

    B: That was my wife.

    Huh huh.

  41. Actually for the first time in history the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar.

    Hope Google gives Canada some more love though! I just checked and it doesn’t even have any logo at all or a flag.

  42. Stop complaining. You shouldn’t be on youtube. If you know youtube like you should, then you would know that the video is by thewinekone. He’s notorious for making funny/retarded videos and he is the #11 Most subscribed user on the site. The video is comedy/entertainment, which youtube is.

    If you want serious videos go to cnn or something. You give Canadians a bad name!!!

  43. “The Terminator is your govenor for fuck sakes.”

    Um, well, The Terminator is a fictional character from the movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger the actor that played him is governor. That’s governor, not govenor. And he’s governor of the state of California rather than, you know, all of the United States Of America. We have a president, rather than a governor. A dick-head of a president, but let’s not confuse the kids. And Schwarzenegger actually been a pretty good governor for my home state, in many ways, so let’s not assume that being an actor means you can’t do other thing.

    Could I have some of your dollars, though? Mine are worth shit. Maybe some donuts? Mmm.

  44. The scariest part of all this is the fact that Canada/USA/Mexico will soon have one government. Scary eh?

    What will we do if we can’t make fun of each others differences.

  45. Stephen Colbert Canada says:

    Here in Canadian Colbert Nation there are no such things as “borders”. If my eagle can freely cross a border then so can YouTube.

    Some thoughts…

    Is there any difference between a Democrap and Retardlican? Just the smell…dog shit vs horse shit

    Bush=Nero…fiddling as Rome(USA) burns

    Stop calling your Baseball, Football, Basketball champions “World” champions…I don’t see where you invited the rest of the world to participate…at least hockey just says “Stanley Cup” champions…apparently that’s enough…and it is known as the most recognizable trophy in professional sport (and oldest)

    None of this has anything to do with YouTube…but that didn’t stop the rest of you divisive, jingoistic bastards from trying to tread on my Canadian brothers…long live the True North, Strong and Free.

    To my fellow Canucks…stop yelling at the Yankees…you can’t change them…just accept them as the flawed individuals they are and crack another beer

    To my American brothers…you need to rediscover what coup d’etat means again…in Washington…you got guns and ammo and crazy people…what are you waiting for???

    P.S. Buck Fush!!!

  46. Auzzie Bloke says:

    Is it just me or is Canada just a Frozen Australia?

    Multicultralism, the G’day mate attitude and the unique thinking word, for us it is mate instead of eh.

    Scotland rocks too. I wanna see an Aussie, scot and Canadian in a room!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you think this is all a bit rediculous? American’s are just proving the arrogance the rest of the world accuses us of. As for the Canadians, for being these model citizens of the world, you’re acting just as arrogant as us American’s.

    As neighbors, we have enjoyed many mutual benefits. We’re our largest trading partners. And seriously, no one cares if you have a stronger dollar… it just means more business for America. Seriously, anyone who’s taken an elementary course in economics understands that a weaker currency isn’t pure negative.

    We have enjoyed years of prosperity because of the other. So why are we fighting again? Over a stupid website?


  48. canada2012 says:


    1. That dude is not american…he’s canadian…that’s why they asked him to make a video!

    2. Yes his humor is dry and you may not think it’s funny but he is one of the most popular channels in youtube history…that’s why they asked him to make a video!

  49. I feel like this is two brothers fighting.

  50. Wow… What a tool.

  51. and Danny sits the fence… Arnie or no Arnie – who gives a crap… Yes the CAD is booming, maybe not for long, but take a stand eh?

  52. hey dipwad, get off twitter and ping me.

  53. You do realise that Tony is Canadian.
    Not American.
    Are you ignorant or are you plain stupid?

  54. I’m sorry, but with all the insults and hatred directed towards the United States from nations all around the world, this proud American has little sympathy for a Canadian who’s hacked off about a goofy YouTube video.

  55. Go Colbert! As wacky and wierd as he is, I’d vote for him.

  56. So, what exactly is the difference?

  57. First off…I am not actually God….just want the text as the link….is that grey hat?

    I am a Canadian living in the States, married to an American, with an American/Canadian daughter. I certainly understand Oilman’s issues. When it comes to respect from the US, Canada gets very little. We do make up for it with the rest of the World though.

    I am no stranger to the discussion about Canada vs America and have come to this conclusion:

    Canada is bigger and on top. If this were jail, America would be Canada’s bitch. However, it is not and the similarities between the two countries far exceed the differences.

  58. Oh cool, I didn’t realise that you were from Canada. Nice one. Whats the SEO industry like out there. Are there many corporates looking for inhouse online marketing managers, that type of thing? Love to move to Vancouver…

  59. Hi Mate,

    Didn’t know you were from Canada. Any idea what the job scene in Vancouver is like for Online Marketing Managers, SEO Managers that type of thing?



  60. Yo!

    You American freaks don’t realize how stupid you are. For example, how the hell could you ever vote for that god dam son of bitch BUSH(Dick Cheney’s whore) twice! You’re fuckin’ morons. See you in hell rednecks.

  61. I second Stephen Colbert Canada.

    The only good thing about America is its constitution. Unfortunately, the NEOCONS are able to screw around with it because too many Americans are egocentric bastards too busy watching American Idol. Your intelligence service is a joke. Americans should wake up.

    PS: Ben Franklin once responded to his people “I give you a republic but can you keep it?”.

  62. “Ben Franklin once responded to his people”? He was postmaster general and ambassador. How does he rate the ‘his people’ idea?

  63. Leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia after signing the United States Constitution, a young citizen inquired:
    “Dr. Franklin, what kind of government did you give us? A monarchy or a republic?”

    Franklin’s keen response was:
    “A republic, if you can keep it!”

    For Benjamin Franklin understood that the responsibility of a successful republican government belongs inherently to the people.

  64. If you have a problem with the “teensy weensy little Canadian flag” why don’t you put a bigger one on your website to compensate Canada for not being represented well enough on the internet. Better yet, instead of having a boring white background, make the communist red maple leaf your background.

    jk about the communist remark
    a bientot!

  65. I wonder when youtube will be launched in Belgium, let’s keep on dreaming…

  66. The video is not available now 🙁

  67. Seems youtube read this post and took the video down.

  68. I think the canadian logo should be the youtube logo and on the bottom it says “We say Zed instead of Z, Yeah Canada”

    I’m just saying

  69. I love how we have our own youtube page now! yay!

  70. I’m shure Youtube will develope well in Canada. Let’s wait and see.

  71. I’m American and I use the .ca website sometimes but they should have their own version of YouTube and not Youtube Canada. they should have not cause that’s just pretty retarded. I also use Canadian websites more then American websites. I don’t know why alot of you guys and girls are soo fuckin rude and shit and sooo many Canadians & Americans thinking that their better than each other, I’m sorry but C’mon guys. We’re all better than that. What’s really the difference between us other than our Countries. Canadians don’t say EH. Americans aren’t YANKEES/REDNECKS (Esp. me) and I know that we should be United Together. It really doesn’t matter what State or Province or Territory your from. From L.A. to St. Johns we should being loving our neighbouring Country not talking shit about them.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Why Canadians Hate Canadian YouTube…

    Wheee – YouTube is launched in Canada. I can barely contain my excitement and appreciation that someone has recognized us in the Frozen North and…wait…excitement contained and anger rising….

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