Colbert Picks on Wikipedia

So last night I stayed up late to watch two of my favorite shows; The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I was well rewarded for fighting off the sandman and staying awake that extra hour. Steven Colbert made a nice mockery of Wikipedia:

Shortly after he told everyone to head over to Wikipedia and change the African elephants page I grabbed the laptop and went elephant hunting and found this message on the top of the African elephants page:

This page has been temporarily protected from editing to deal with vandalism. Please discuss changes on the talk page or request unprotection. You may use {{editprotected}} on the talk page to ask for an administrator to make an edit for you.

Here’s a screenshot:
Wikipedia African Elephant

So I logged in (yes I have an account simply to see how fast stuff gets changed back when I add accuracy to a story – hehe) and here’s a screen shot of the changelog. Can you guess about what time Steven told people to change the page?
Wikipedia African Elephant Edits

All Hail to Wikipedia were truth is simply determined by majority vote or the the local sysop.


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