Why I Don’t Blog Too Much…

Why I Don’t Blog Too Much…

…and why that might change.

1. It’s Too Much Work

Well, it’s not really but I think I have personally set the bar too high and I want everything I write to be awesome and well received by the readers. We already know from past blog posts that doesn’t even happen when I try super extra hard.

2. It’s Just An Echo Chamber

The noise is endless and I’m sure that whatever I’m thinking of has been already written by someone else (even though I never go check).

Really that’s it. Two simple reasons – and not even good ones.

So I’m going to start doing some more writing now because I want to. Already been written about?†So what? I’m gonna write it anyhow because it might be the first place one of you sees it or I might have one slightly different angle on something that you find useful. Post isn’t super awesome? I’ll cover that off with bad jokes and links to pure awesomness like this.

So add me back to your feed reader or take me out. I’m cool with whatever makes your Friday better.


  1. I’m so glad you listed those reasons. The same lame excuses have been holding me back from writing more. Some of my friends’ blogs turn into rambling diaries and I don’t want to end up doing that, so I subscribe to the “if I don’t have anything super awesome to say, I don’t say it” rule. There’s enough crap content in the world. :D However, I’ve been rethinking that recently because my 14yo son has started blogging. I can’t really encourage him to write more if I don’t, right?

    Added you to my reader. Looking forward to more from you! Thanks! :)

  2. Corey says:

    I’m excited to see what you’re going to post and your take on things, simple or not

  3. I used to resist blogging because I thought bloggers we’re self-interested crazy people with no ability to filter the thoughts worth sharing from the thoughts nobody cares to hear. Then somebody told me blogs can be just for yourself — they’re places to explore ideas that you want to hold on to. If you gain an audience, cool. But it’s really about personal knowledge management. That worked for me.

    You should read this:


  4. Yep.
    I’ve used those same excuses on myself. Actually those are the reasons that I waited so long before starting a blog originally. Glad to hear you’ll be writing more…So what if it’s already been written about. I want to hear ‘your’ POV! :)

  5. Rick Galan says:

    I hear you buddy. I have often had those exact same thoughts, and followed them up with “I haven’t really had time to fully develop my thoughts, so I shouldn’t post until I do”. It’s a hard thing to get past, but I think the power bloggers will tell you just to write anyway. Everything worth doing takes practice, and with practice you can get past reason 1, and hopefully reason 2.
    I’m glad to see you will be more active – I always have appreciated your insight, and I’ll take more of it wherever I can get it. :)

  6. Michael D says:

    Heh you could just post pics of the stuff you bbq now and again, always looks tasty. :)

  7. Well said and timely, Iím a novice at this blogging stuff and have to get better at breaking things up with headings.
    Blogging is not a movement, itís lots of individuals doing their own thing.World face it, blogging is boring. In the end, itís what you publish, not how you published it that matters.

  8. Alex says:

    Very innovative! thanks for sharing the tips which will prove to be very helpful in future as well’

  9. david says:

    I’ll bet you drinks at the next show that your increase in blogging never happens :)

  10. Dudibob says:

    You never left the RSS feed, no noise is better than crap noise imo, happy to see you looking at writing more on your blog :)

  11. Jay says:

    lame! you’re a good writer, write more.

  12. I actually starting using tools like Twitter, my blog(s), and others to help me get the latest from the best in the biz and to help me quickly find my notes and commentary.

    Example: A few weeks ago I wrote a post on “title tag principles”. Since I’m an SEO, most of the time I can just go to Google and find my content relatively quickly.

    I guess it’s sort of like creating your own searchable library of content. It’s also nice to be able to tell people to just “Google for X” during a conversation to NOT have to repeat yourself a million times to SEO noobies.

    I do agree with Jay, Oilman you should write more. You gain more respect from your community and followers and get more traffic to your site, which could produce some nice affiliate revenues.

    “SEO Steve”

  13. Your second reason is why I blog so seldom on SearchRank anymore. It seems like everything one could write about has already been written and not just by one but many. And yet there is the dilemma of not allowing your blog to become a ghost town either.

  14. Joda says:

    From what I’ve read so far, I must say I agree with Jay!

  15. As I read the post I thought I was thinking out loud.
    I can see you have alot of cool smart nice people stopping by
    here I also am fortunate in that respect.
    I guess it all boils down to not quitting and riding out the peaks and valleys. At any rate it’s a great way to stay out of trouble and meet hot chicks LOL :)
    Nice site I will come by more often thanks

  16. TigerTom says:

    Well, just write something pithy, interesting and predictive. The latter is important. Get enough predictions right and you will be a guru. They make good money, I hear :)

  17. Karibi says:

    Lol, an awesome post already. This was definitely the most entertaining post I read today (even without the awesome link), so I think you’re on the right track.

  18. NJ open mics says:

    I agree — It is a LOT of work!

    But some people find it a worthwhile tradeoff. Especially if there’s money involved :)

  19. Jackson says:

    Sometimes our excuses are not
    enough to be considered…
    Blogging is a little bit tiring, yes that’s true..
    Time comes that you’re experiencing some disorders.
    But blogging is a very fun experience…

  20. Carz says:

    You should just try out Twitter and you’ll see that blogging isn’t that much of a burden.

  21. yeah.. blogging requires a lot of time and effort. Not all people are having lots of time sitting and opening and writing blogs. but don’t worry… surely you can manage your time and can enjoy blogging.

  22. “2. Itís Just An Echo Chamber”

    Yes, most bloggers just summarize or rephrase what’s out there. They don’t come up with something new. I have to weed out some of the blogs in my blogroll because they have nothing unique to say.

  23. ďI want everything I write to be awesome and well received by the readers.Ē

    Itís nice to hear a blog writer accepting the defeat that is writerís block. The accessibility and ease of blogs has almost tainted the title ďwriter.Ē But the millions of attempts also allow more people to truly stand out as well.

  24. ďIím gonna write it anyhow because it might be the first place one of you sees it or I might have one slightly different angle on something that you find useful.Ē

    The greatest writers are those who believed strongly in their ideas and didnít let anything hold them back. Heck, sometimes a writer only finds his fame after death.

  25. fxg says:

    Iíve used those same excuses on myself. Actually those are the reasons that I waited so long before starting a blog originally. Glad to hear youíll be writing moreÖSo what if itís already been written about. I want to hear Ďyourí POV! :)

  26. Vinoth says:

    It’s a common problem for most bloggers. If they move to new projects, they no longer update their site and some even sell their blogs.

  27. Beth says:

    You’re right Oilman, it’s a lot of work and it’s too much work when you really care about your writing. But you know bloggers who take 3 or 4 month subliminal vacations return to work one day to find their PR drooping.

  28. About the echo chamber…it might be true..but each experience is unique, and everyone has something others might not have..the echo is not exactly the same.

  29. Macky99 says:

    Simplify the stuff that already exists and you can blog more.

  30. “Post isnít super awesome? Iíll cover that off with bad jokes and links to pure awesomeness like this.”

    Yes, many blogs nowadays are covered up with jokes and funny stints. I believe this is to leave the blog unnoticed for lack of in-depth content.

  31. One can get the hang of blogging with enough practice or with a topic the writer is passionate about. What are the topics that usually inspire you to blog quality posts?

  32. Darcy says:

    Actually its a nice post, And I’m a bit of excited of what you were going to add. Maybe its to much work but it could help a new blogger like me.

  33. Great point… I believe that if you write about whatever you are passionate about you will receive a lot larger following. People can tell when you write about something of value vs something to simply appease… I just found your blog, and look forward to seeing future updates even if they aren’t daily posts… Keep up the good work

  34. A Dawn says:

    Well I believe that if writing is really your passion, blogging isn’t too much work. If you really love what you’re doing, good things come out of it. Try to look at it as just a form of expression, then you wouldn’t mind if there’s a replica out there of what you’ve just written.

  35. reactorr says:

    One might even go so far as to devote a blog as to why they don’t blog more, and list all the reasons there. It’d get about the same amount of updates? :)

  36. I can understand, I too have been occupied with college, friends, more office jobs and a life I never had before….all of this juices away your time to blog and share with others

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