So I’m doing my usual rambling about on SEO Rockstars tonight and this dude I’ve never met before is hangin in the chat and he pipes up after the show that he just registered (my real name for you new to the blog). Yes – totally my bad for not having registered it but it turns out that this is a stand up guy and once he’s had his fun yanking my chain he graciously offers to hand over the domain. Tip of the hat to Modern SEO. That’s class.


  1. Sixty6 says:

    LOL, sent you an E-Mail regarding the transfer, thanks for the link!

  2. Matt Cutts says:

    Hmm. .org is still available.. ;)

  3. Neyne says:


    The archiveeeeeees! I cannot listen to the show when its on and have listened to the “Random Topics Abound” about 10000 times already (on the bus hehehe).

    Please give a shout to Brandy ( i wrote bot to no avail)


  4. Dax says:

    What about

  5. POOPeGIFTS says:

    Wait until someone registers .org, and if they don’t give it up, I’ll send them a gift for you.

  6. Sixty6 says:

    Just so you know I’m not holding your domain name hostage, I sent you an E-Mail to todd {at] oilman {{dot}] ca

    If you didn’t get it, just send me an E-Mail on this address!

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