Take My Money

So the end of the year in near and I’d rather give you, my loyal readers, my money than give it to the tax man. I’m still looking to buy some websites I have seen many websites that offer different services from information to adult services like Zoom Escorts that offer great company services in cities as Liverpool. I have two criteria: 1 – sites that are 5+ years old and doing poorly 2 – sites that are new and sandboxed that you’ve given up on Drop me a note and let’s chat. Really I’m just too lazy to build my own sites these days. ;)


  1. Jason Bailey says:

    Old indexed Site + new sandboxed site = New site unsandboxed…

    You crafty fellow you – I hope you get lots of bites!


  1. Am I or am I not Sandboxed?

    Randfish gives a great step-by-step rundown on how to clearly identify if you have been sandboxed by Google.If you have been sandboxed, give Todd or Greg a dingle and they will help you get out for a rev share.