On the Do Follow Bandwagon

Installed the plugin and activated it. easy peasy.


  1. Hawaii SEO says:

    Hi Todd, I hope you donít mind if I donít change the handle Iíve been using all this time. I never got any complaints about my signature until people started installing dofollow.

  2. Army Kate says:

    Be careful not to get smacked by Google for that.

  3. Does the big G really slap people for allowing the Do Follow link?

  4. I don’t think you will get slapped anymore than a forum would get slapped for allowing links in their signatures. The links are just not valued as much by G. Blatantly selling links in your footer or elsewhere on your site that are followed are what gets you slapped.

  5. Do you think Google will activate dofollow on their blog platform (blogger). Just Joking :-)

  6. Lottery says:

    I do not think Google are bothered about DoFollow at the moment, situation may be different after the Google/Yahoo partnership…

  7. Dueces says:

    Google is the best friend. They don’t even mind if you spam then do-follow doesn’t matter :)

  8. C. Laeuse says:

    Google will never do allow it!

  9. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the do-follow attribute:)

  10. Dawn says:

    May be google will allow but there is not much chance offcourse:)

  11. Tyrone says:

    Nice google juice right?

  12. Mick says:

    I like this idea of do-follow as well!!!

  13. Brian Owens says:

    Interesting point of view. I’ll consider changing my mind about this but for now I still don’t see things the same way you do.

  14. BOL says:

    I can’t seen the actual benefit to the blog owner just those that comment get the real benefit in the link?

  15. Tony Bartels says:

    Welcome to the bandwagon :)

    I have dofollow enabled on my blog too haha


  16. I don’t think google punishes website with do follow… it wouldn’t make any sense.

  17. Why Google would penalize such blogs? I think it is 100% legit to have do follow attribute and to bless others by sharing link juice. I have 5 blogs and all of them are do follow. Just for that reason I have many loyal users.

  18. Jecobs says:

    Great insights. I was not aware of this. You have nicely described. This information also helps to those who have no idea about it. Thanks for sharing…

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    the linking between websites is in the base of Internet.

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