Lasik Rocks!!!

Sorry for the lapse in posting folks but I’m back in it now. I was on a biz trip last week and then had LASIK surgery yesterday. I gotta tell ya it’s the coolest thing ever. I woke up this morning and I can see without my glasses. Finally after 20 years of glasses I can wear sunglasses – yeehaw!


  1. Yep I had it done years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. My vision was 20/1000 before and 20/20 after. I wore glasses for 22 years. There are a couple of side effects I didn’t like, such as difficulty seeing while driving at night (oncoming headlights dazzled my eyes), but that went away after a couple of years.

  2. CONGRAGULATIONS on your successful LASIK treatment!

    My dad always used to tell me , “spectacles are my second pair of eyes”. I have no idea how it feels like to keep wearing specs all the time,thro out the day,becoz I have had no problem with my eye sight…its so far so good…

    But people tell me its a pain wearing them. Right from my childhood days wearing specs have facinated me.I used to wear my dads glasses with a wooden scale in my hand ,arrange pillows in a row and act like a teacher . This was my favorite childhood play.

    Anyway…..All the best for a BRIGHTER AND CLEARER future !!!

  3. John Andrews says:

    Wow… glad to hear it. Can I ask about the “side effects” that are commonly mentioned? Like the night vision. I drive ALOT and always feared Lasik because of that risk. Also there was talk of the “success” metrics being deceptive… if they improved your vision at all it was a success (and counted as part of the success rate) even though for many people that meant not-much-improved and/or slightly-improved-but-with-new-side-effects.

    It’s cool to hear from someone who just did it.

  4. Well – I had my 72 hour checkup on Friday afternoon and I’m already seeing 20/20 and it may improve even more as the healing continues. For right now I still have a bit of a halo effect around bright lights at night but I’m told that will fade. My night vision is fine as well – at least it’s no worse than before 😉