Joe The Plumber Didn’t Vote

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  1. I love it. Come on, vote Todd! Quit using your citizenship as an excuse… fix it already. 🙂

  2. I loved the jubilant premonitory circumstance depicted in this video. Of course, had “Joe the Plumber” voted, McCain would have won by 2 votes, unless “JtP” had voted for neither of the two dominating party candidates who are running for the presidential alter, er, I mean, throne.

  3. Hahahahaha priceless.

    I really liked the old granny who swore like a trooper about poor old joe not getting out of bed.

    poor joe

  4. Great laugh. Well done!

  5. Classic. I would feel sorry for Joe but he was such an A$$ when the cameras were on him during the election.

  6. Ouch what a superstar he is, Joe the Plummer. Even we in Europe knows who he is.

  7. That’s amazing right? And then just when you think that Joe the Plumber has had his 15 minutes of fame, he becomes a reporter for what is going on in Gaza. How’s that for only in America? Sandy

  8. Oh 😀
    I really love it.

  9. I wouldnt vote either if I were him. None of the candidates were good.

  10. What is even more funny after watching this is that my uncle is a plumber and he never votes. I am going to mail him this post. He will get a kick out it.

  11. That guy is just a phony…


  1. […] I don’t think the science of search engine optimization has advanced enough for us to justify sensationalistic headlines on analytical blog posts, but I couldn’t resist the urge to test a few queries on Google Trends. The results actually surprised me, since Todd Friesen outed the Canadian conspiracy to see Obama become President. […]

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