Free Wifi at Seattle Airport

Free Wifi at Seattle Airport

This is for all you road warriors out there…

If you’re passing through Seatac Airport and have time to get over to the A terminal where American Airlines flies out of you can get free Wifi from Tully’s Coffee. Technically you’re supposed to by a coffee and they give you the code but it hasn’t changed the past 5 times I’ve been here 🙂 So for all you not so thirsty for a $5 coffee:

Network: Tullys
Key: 2063333333


  1. I got a flight cancelled out of Seattle coming back from Vegas Webmasterworld Conference. A client was also there that had a Club Membership for those cumfy lounge areas. This one was around the Alsaka Air Lounge and they had free Wifi also inside the lounge(ssid I believe was “Alaska”) and no password was required. If you sit outside the lounge, I would guess you could get Wifi.

    Post if it does or doesn’t work outside the lounge.