Dog Bite (Treatment) – Experience

I was out for a walk in town , I passed a homeowner outside with 4 dogs. I should have listened to the inner voice that said cross over. But I felt I was safe because he made no move to put up the dogs. After speaking with him as I walked down the street, the pit bull who never barked and was at the back of the house, came up from behind me when I could no longer see the man or the dogs and bit my left inner leg about 6 inches above my ankle. No sooner did I question in my head what was happening, did he let go and bite my other leg. I had 3 stitches on each side. I ended up with a total of 3 infections to my major wound on my left leg. I was in the hospital from day 10 to 15 on 3 IV antibiotics and also had surgery which opened my small wound to 3 cm X 2.8 and a full cm deep. I had a wound VAC (vacuum assisted closure) put on, and 6 months later my leg is starting to ache. I am seeing the doctor next week. Is important for me to tell you that hiring a lawyer in this cases is important, specially because they can help you get compensation from your injuries. In my case, I hired the professionals from and I suggest you do the same when facing a similar case and click here for updates on athletes who did have sames experience as mine.

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