Buy A Drink And Change A Life

So I’ve been a corporate monkey for about 6 or 7 months now working as the Director of Search Engine Optimization for Range Online Media and part of my job is to staff my department with the best and brightest.

Recruiting. Ugh – resumes and phone calls oh my!

That was my thought on the subject until today. I was having a chat with my boss about this whole recruiting thing and he said this to me:

Recruiting is fun – you get to buy people drinks in the hopes that some day you can change their lives.

Now then – that’s my kind of recruiting. So if I offer to buy you a drink at SES or Pubcon you know something’s up cuz I NEVER pick up the tab. 😉


  1. Brian Mark says:

    I’ll take that drink… and I’ll buy you one right back. Shall we say, New York next month? LOL.

    Really, that is a cool way to look at it. I know I’ve never had any fun recruiting.

  2. You’ve bought me a drink – but there wasn’t any suggestion of working for you. I think you’re a bloggin tease!!


  3. Wow. It surprises me that you’ve become a corporate monkey. I figured you were making it well on your own. Have you blogged about why you decided to move from being independent into the corporate world?

  4. The Oilmen! That’s begging to be the first SEO corporate softball team.

    Happy new year amigo. See you in NYC!

  5. how fucking true ./.. you never pick up the TAB !”!! 😉

    It would cost you more than a few beers for me to sellout


  6. 🙂 I am honored you called me to drink with you when you were in town. Too bad the dog was sick.

  7. You mean you were trying to recruit me way back then? If so that’s great as it’ll mean you probably still owe me drinks if the ones you bought were for recruiting. 😀