Becoming A Real Blogger

- upgraded to WP 2.0
- made my urls static
- added a blogroll

Lookout blogosphere – here I come!!


  1. DianeV says:

    You might remember me from a zillion years ago? :)

    At any rate, how are you finding WP 2.0? Is there reason, really, to upgrade (aka, to bear the blogger right of passage)?

  2. oilman says:

    DianeV – thanks for stopping by :)

    2.0 is pretty cool. I haven’t fully explored it yet tho. The upgrade was a snap – took about 2 minutes.

    The Rite of Passage issues where due to me being an idiot – nothing to do with WP at all – hehe.

  3. DianeV says:

    Thanks for answering. I’ll be installing WP for a client, so I guess I’ll find out.

    I hope some of the plugins work with it, like ScriptyGoddess’ Comment Email Notification, and the narchives (nicer sortable archives sitemap generator).

    Thanks again. :)

  4. IncrediBILL says:

    How bad was the upgrade from WP 1?

    I have an old WP 1 blog that I’ve contemplated upgrading but procrastination has won so far as upgrades tend to go sour so often.