Feedburner Numbers Jump

I've seen a lot of reports lately about FeedBurner subscription numbers jumping up drastically sometime in the past couple weeks. I'm too lazy to go find the actual posts but what reminded me of this was meeting a couple dudes from FeedBurner here in … [Continue reading]

WebGuerrilla And The Real Dave Pasternack

I was chatting with Greg on the phone today getting the scoop on London SES (seems I missed a good party) and we got to talking about the Dave Pasternack SEO contest and he brought up a really good point. That point was that the SEO community has … [Continue reading]

Call For Resumes

Range Online Media is hiring. We're looking for talented enthusiastic people (gah - corporate speak...). SEO/PPC/Analysts/Developers send me your resumes. Email address? Fax? If you can't figure out how to get it to me on your own then don't bother … [Continue reading]

Spider Simulators and Dave Pasternack

This Dave Pasternack contest has been a bit of fun. I've been surfing through my logs here for the blog and came across someone using a spider simulator ostensibly to figure out how I came from nowhere to leading the pack. Nice try kids. I could tell … [Continue reading]

Digglets, ABCs and 123s

I just had an interesting IM chat with and SEO buddy of mine. He recently had an article on his blog that got dugg and brought a pile of traffic. Here's the transcript slightly modified to protect his identity: [13:36] xxxxxxxx: My first Digg got … [Continue reading]

Calacanis To Be On Rockstars

Well maybe :) In the recent round of the "SEO is Bullshit" debate Calacanis asked for submissions for some SEO guests to be on an upcoming Calcaniscast. I put forth my co-Rockstar, Greg 'WebGuerrilla' Boser as a potential guest. My nomination was … [Continue reading]

Dave Pasternack

Well I wanted a horse in this race so here we go: Dave Pasternack From his bio page: Dave Pasternack founded Did-it Search Marketing with Kevin Lee in 1996. Prior to Did-it's founding, he founded United States Information Corporation, which … [Continue reading]

Kensington Sucks

UPDATE: Kensington just sent me a email asking me to take a survey regarding my customer service experience. Sweet. I gave them the link to this post. BTW - Targus has a fully stocked Canadian online store. Choke on that Kensington. Hot on the … [Continue reading]

Gateway Technical Support Rocks

Well - sorta. I just bought a refurbished Gateway Media Center PC. It's a pretty decent machine: Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 1 Gig Ram Stupid big hard drive TV Tuner Windows Media Center OS DVD RW 13 in 1 card reader $549 CDN I mean jeez … [Continue reading]

Shoemoney, A Fish Bowl, and Bullshit

Normally I wouldn't bother to rise to the defense of SEO considing the excellent job Danny and Greg have done of that in the past couple weeks but considering my livelyhood has been called "bullshit" by Calacanis and "stupid easy" by Shoemoney I feel … [Continue reading]