Oilman Now Powered By Feedburner

yeah yeah yeah - I know. It's about damn time. Click below to update your feed to the new Feedburner URL. Really I just want to see high numbers in the Feedburner doohicky at the bottom of the right sidebar ;) Subscribe to Oilman on Feedburner … [Continue reading]

Vanessa Needs Our Help

It would seem that Vanessa has some email issues and eventually gets to the point of being so overloaded that she'll declare "e-mail bankruptcy" and simply archive or even delete her entire inbox. She's not alone. According USA Today this a common … [Continue reading]

A Joke For Today

This isn't new but it showed up in my inbox and I can't stop laughing... After Mr. and Mrs. Ward retired, Mrs. Ward insisted her husband accompany her on her trips to Walmart. Unfortunately, Mr. Ward was like most men--he found shopping boring and … [Continue reading]

What Bugs You About Live Search?

Last week MSN launched a bunch of tremendous improvements Live Search. In spite of that there are still 2 major issues that I have with Live Search: depth of crawl and freshness of index. What bugs you about Live Search? … [Continue reading]


No word of a lie. This power pole just fell over this morning and nearly pulled the corner of my office right off along with all the flagpoles i had installed. Cops and all showed up to make sure I was still alive and see if I knew there was a … [Continue reading]

MSN Searchification

So here I sit in a what feels like a college classroom at the MS campus in Mountain View. I'm at sercih...searcha...oh crap...what is this?...Searchification. I got a pen and USB and everything to prove it. This is my first attempt to live blog - … [Continue reading]

post in future test

I'm not sure I trust the edited time stamp deal so I'm testing it. I'm bloggin at Searchifcation today and we're embargoed until 9pm and I intend to be drinking then not blogging.... … [Continue reading]

SEO Forecasting

I hate having to put out a 12 month forecast for organic traffic. There's just so much of it that's not in our control. PPC forecasting is breeze in comparison. You know impression data, CTR, conversion rate per keyphrase etc etc. Before all you … [Continue reading]

10 Biiiiiiilllllliiiiiooooonnnnnn Dollars

I clicked on Search Engine Land in my feed reader today and nearly crapped in my best pair of GAP jeans. Barry Schwartz posted a piece about Facebook. The title is "Microsoft May Buy $10 Billion Stake In Facebook" and the content is: Microsoft Is … [Continue reading]

The Facebook Black Hole

As I posted most recently, the facebook and LinkedIn requests have been flowing in fast and furious lately so I caved in and got sort of involved on facebook. Holy Shit On A Stick Batman! Where do people find the time to poke people, throw … [Continue reading]