Local Ads But I’m Not Local

I used to live in Calgary, AB. That's about 600 miles from where I live now. I still listen a Calgary radio station on a daily basis and of course I listen to it over the net. I like the music and it's kinda nice to hear Calgary news and stay sorta … [Continue reading]

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-29

@vanessafox - no chocolate for u. see? trouble. reap the whirlwind. # … [Continue reading]

On the Do Follow Bandwagon

Installed the plugin and activated it. easy peasy. … [Continue reading]

Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Economies of Scale

I'm always a bit curious about what kind of jobs in Pensacola FL some of you have. I log into facebooke every other day or so and I see many of you have been very very busy. I also follow some of you on Twitter and you're very active there as well. … [Continue reading]

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-28

2 hr drive, 1.5 hr wait, 1.5 hr ferry ride, 30 min customs line, 45 min drive home. I'm so sick of doing this trip. # @graywolf yah dude. All my txts etc r 2 hrs off cuz my phone number is cst but I live pst. Totally lame. Still issues to work out on … [Continue reading]

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-26

Golfing has been replaced with drinking. I love this company. # … [Continue reading]