Twitter Updates for 2007-10-26

Golfing has been replaced with drinking. I love this company. # … [Continue reading]

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-25

another full day of meetings done. Gin and tonic on the patio. life is good. # wow - the rockies are taking a shit kickin tonight # 2.5 days of meetings rewarded with a round of golf. Sweet. # 1.6% of Facebook for $240 million? # brain so … [Continue reading]

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-24

New blog entry: I'm A Twit http://www.oilman.ca?p=238 # Long day of strategy meetings. The forthcoming drinking is well deserved. # @jasoncalacanis effin good for u ;) # mmmmmm beeeeeeer # New blog entry: I'm A Twit http://www.oilman.ca?p=238 … [Continue reading]

Twitter Tools Test

Finally found an updated version of Twitter Tools. It was well hidden. … [Continue reading]

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-23

Family Guy and ppt. I sure live it up on the road. # Sin City is a weird freakin movie. Hard to SEO ppts while watching. # take that ppt you bitch. done and done. smoke break and then bed. # IMing on my cell, telling someone how cool it is and … [Continue reading]

I’m A Twit

yep - I swallowed the blue pill and signed up for twitter. I gotta say it's kinda like crack. I now know that Danny is at Disneyland and going on rides and that Vanessa is having ziti for Buffy night. My life is measurably better now. For those of … [Continue reading]

Ever Wonder How Google Employees Report Spam?

Well they have their own internal spam reporting tools of course. If you work at Google you simply type http://spamreport/ into your G branded FireFox browser and voila. I can't say I've actually seen what's at that internal URL but I can tell you … [Continue reading]

This is a second test…

This is a second test using jott.com to post via voice recognition ever this time transcription will be used. Click here to listen Powered by Jott … [Continue reading]

Rollin Like a Rockstar

When I'm on the road and generally hangin with my fellow rockstar it's all about how we roll. We drink top shelf booze, ride around in limos, get invited to cool pre-launch events and private parties, get to wander around the Googleplex stealing the … [Continue reading]

The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Shitty

I watch a fair bit of TV. I have 2 little kids so by the time we've fought through dinner and baths and clean up and snacks and video and bedtime stories about all I have left in me is enough energy to crack a beer or three and collapse in the … [Continue reading]