I love WOOT - they crack me up all the time. There's a WOOT OFF happening right now and they let me know about it with a fake internal email. It made me laugh so hard I had to share: WOOT, INC. INTERNAL EMAIL STAFF EYES ONLY Attention Woot … [Continue reading]

Vote Damnit! I Would If I Could.

Generally when somebody tags me in one of these blogger meme things I just ignore it but this one is worth commenting on. So watch the video then read the post then have a beer or three if you … [Continue reading]

Cuz I Know Y’all Been Wondering…

ADDED: I'm not moving. I'm staying in the Seattle area :) Well it's been a long, weird year so far but it's finally settling down for me and life is resuming a normal routine very similar to what it was back in my days at Range Online Media. I … [Continue reading]

Shame Shame Shame Findlaw

So we all know who is. Yeah - those guys - the largest legal website out there. In their words: FindLaw is the #1 online destination serving legal professionals from law firms, corporate in-house legal departments, and government … [Continue reading]

I Bought A Toy – Flip Mino

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Microsoft Advance08 Live Blogging

Hi all - I know it's been a long long time since I posted anything to this blog so I thank all you that have stayed on as subscribers :) Today I'm attending Advance08 at Microsoft. The line up of speakers for this event is absolutely … [Continue reading]


Where is Communicado? Not sure but I'll mostly be hangin out there for the next few days as we pack up the big truck and move the fam to Gig Harbor WA. It's funny how right after a conference the Linkedin and Facebook invites start flowing in fast … [Continue reading]

Viva Las Vegas

Well I'm part way to Las Vegas for Pubcon. Based on the weather reports rolling in last night for the Pacific Northwest, it was doubtful I'd be in Vegas today, but after reading a morning weather post on, as usual, it turned out that … [Continue reading]

Video Professor And The Continuity Model

Continuity programs have to be the number one industry being dogged and harassed by online reputation issues. I figured out why. Hang on here...this is profound...people are DUMB!! Totally, unabashedly, ridiculously, box of hair dumb. Continuity … [Continue reading]

YouTube Canada? Take Off Eh!! Buncha Hosers

Wheee - YouTube is launched in Canada. I can barely contain my excitement and appreciation that someone has recognized us in the Frozen North and...wait...excitement contained and anger rising. This is about the lamest, insulting, piece of crap I've … [Continue reading]