Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Economies of Scale

Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Economies of Scale

I’m always a bit curious about what kind of jobs in Pensacola FL some of you have. I log into facebooke every other day or so and I see many of you have been very very busy. I also follow some of you on Twitter and you’re very active there as well. When do you actually work? and can I have your job? I joined Twitter just a bit ago to see what all the fuss was about. I find it totally retarded yet oddly addictive. The simple fact that people follow me on Twitter I find to be very amusing. I hope I haven’t disappointed you nice folks. What’s more fun is choosing who to follow. On a masochistic whim I decided to follow Jason Calacanis – cuz, ya know, he’s so terribly interesting with his odd views of SEO and search in general. What I have learned so far about Jason?

  • he went to UCLA to play some baseball the other day
  • he had dinner at Mastros Steak House
  • he made up a new word for when Maholo-ers karaoke: Maholoke (gheeeey!)
  • he’s a big Guitar Hero fan

So does that make my life better? I have to assume so otherwise what’s the point of all this? I think there has to be some great way to link it all together to save me time and effort. For example: when I blog here it automatically gets Twittered. (oh btw I turned off the daily digest crap for Twitter. It was bothering Dax.). If I Twitter I can have that automatically injected into my facebook account or my blog for that matter. Now I’ve also added Jott to the mix so I can just call in and talk for up to 30 second and say I want my brilliance transcribed to any number of sources. So here’s my plan… Jott –> Blog –> Twitter –> Facebook. That will work only for thought snippets. If I want to actually say anything of substance or include links and formatting (like this post) the process (that’s pronounced with a long o btw) up a bit… Blog –> Twitter –> Facebook. I could also have Facebook set up to import my blog as well then I could totally avoid Twitter but I think I’d rather have both and not care about those people that are on my blog, Twitter and Facebook. Clearly they can stand reading me three time right? I think it all starts on the personal blog. With all the plugins and junk out there I’m fairly confident I could cobble together enough pieces that a simple post here would reach out to all the social networks I’m part of. Anybody doing something similar? Read more at


  1. 2 things:

    Thank you for turning off that goddamn digest.

    Really, it boils down to something you said in passing. Does this make your life better? I don’t see it making my life any better, which is why I haven’t gotten on the Twitter, hourly Facebook updating etc bandwagon.

  2. Thanks to Dax for saying what I was thinking. Seriously, I hovered my cursor over the unsubscribe button for about 20 seconds yesterday…. šŸ™‚

  3. Seems a lot of people (including myself) agree with you on a single input stream and collaboration between all social media sites. Will someone please give us RSS in reverse!? All we need is a cool orange icon and an acronym…


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  2. Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Economies of Scale…

    Iā€™m always a bit curious about what kind of jobs some of you have. I log into facebooke every other day or so and I see many of you have been very very busy…

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