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Calacanis To Be On Rockstars

Calacanis To Be On Rockstars

Well maybe :)

In the recent round of the “SEO is Bullshit” debate Calacanis asked for submissions for some SEO guests to be on an upcoming Calcaniscast. I put forth my co-Rockstar, Greg ‘WebGuerrilla’ Boser as a potential guest. My nomination was quickly seconded and thirded so Jason emailed Greg inviting him the podcast. Greg turned the tables and invited Jason to come on a live SEO Rockstars epsisode. Let’s hope he accepts which I’m pretty sure he will. Right Jason?


  1. Jason says:

    I’ll be on the show.. sure. just let me know when.

    I’m gonna do my own show first with a couple of guests…

  2. Dal says:

    I was and I wanted to post my response to the SEO Challenge. Not trying to troll just telling it how I see it.

    Response to JC SEO Challenge:

    I am sorry but I would not give him or anyone free seo work if they didn’t already believe in the concept of “search”. If Jason does not think SEO is worth anything then so be it. “SEO” is the s&@^t because “Search” in general is the s@*t. It is funny that we are having this huge debate because sometime ago I went to some of Jason’s Blog network and right off the back I noticed a bunch of possible improvements and I was thinking of calling them and seeing if I could get them to use my services. I even wondered if they had an in-house SEO and at that point I figured they did and he “sucked”. :P I can think of quite a few people who could drop a bomb on his site: Greg B B, Todd F(Oil-Erectus), Rand, DN, DP, DS, myself, etc… The funny part would be the sit down with the site’s developers and you keep hearing “You want us to do what!?!?!!? to the database? /Soapbox



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