Monkeys and Rockstars

Well I’m very pleased that WebGuerrilla will be joining me on a permanent basis on SEO Rockstars on WebmasterRadio.FM. I’m sorry to say farewell to my long time cohost bakedjake but I know his schedule simply didn’t allow him to stay on. Jake, my brother, I wish you all the best and anytime you want to come on the show just pop me a note and we’ll relive old times πŸ™‚ So what does the future hold for SEO Rockstars? A few things: 1 – will actually launch with a blog for the show 2 – Greg and I will actually plan shows in advance 3 – Special Guests – Matt Cutts will be joining us for a show in the next few weeks for starters 4 – back to the seo – we’ve been doing fluff bits for too long now – tools, tips, tricks all coming your way Tune in every Tuesday at 4pm PST (7pm EST).

MSN AdCenter Adventure Part 3

So I’ve been playing around with AdCenter for a few weeks now and there are a couple usability items that drive me absolutely nuts. First off is all the scrolling – up down left right all the time it slows you down to a crawl when you are entering a new set of keywords and using the research tool at the same time. When I have the keyword window open with the research tool I have to stretch my browser onto my second monitor to do away with the horizontal scrolling. So why do you have to open it so wide? Because the keyword window has a frame set in it that you need to access the scroll bar in as well. The screenshot below shows the all the scrollbars that are present when the browser is maximized to 1280×1024: The problem is the keyword field that is set to about a zillion characters wide: keywords That line really only needs to be about a third as long as it is and would solve a ton of scrolling issues. Next up is the research tool that only returns 5 results per screen. If I was still running a 640×480 resolution this might be useful but as it stands it’s annoying as all get out especially when there are 20 pages of results. Click, click, clickity click – argh. Just a short adventure for today. Tune in next time. I promise more regular AdCenter Adventure updates.

Yet Another SEO Contest Update

Well – the pot is just that much bigger now for the non-V7N version of the contest thanks to Mike Grehan. Mike’s promised to put $1000 in so I’ll assume for now he means he’ll pay out for the #1 slot only unless I hear otherwise from him. That makes the current prize from The Collective to be: #1 – $3000 #2 – $1000 #3-#5 – $200 each remember – no link to V7N and at least one link to – note the lack off www πŸ˜‰ Now I don’t really have anything at all against John. I’ve never even met the guy. I’m really just havin some fun but John went and closed the orginal contest thread at V7N and opened a new ‘members only’ thread. That’s the equivalent of taking your ball and going home. So now I’m kind of annoyed at him. C’mon John – we’re all discussing it publicly. It would be nice if you joined us. I’ll even buy the beer πŸ™‚ Now – for all you guys asking about joining both contests – go right ahead and please win John’s. I’ll wait while you figure that out…

Yet Another SEO Contest

Well the new year promises to be rung in with style and controversy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – SEO is fun again.

John Scott over at V7N forums has announced the next SEO contest and of course this has done nothing but stir up some shit – as it should. To quote John:

Now I may be a nice, generous person, but I’m not giving away money for free. In order to qualify, the page must have a link back to the v7n home page. Participants who don’t maintain a link to the v7n home page will be disqualified.

Of course I snipped a bit off the end to further the controversy.

So what’s next? We only need to look as far as WebGuerrilla and his contest and you can see where this is going in a hurry…

Can you see what’s about to happen here?….wait for it….

I can’t help but throw my hat in the ring by matching WebGuerrilla’s dollar amounts and terms. Those terms are:

A) Not linking to V7N


B) Posting a link to Matt’s blog without using the www. (the non-www version of Matt’s blog is only a PR4, so it needs a little help)

As a small aside I must tip my hat to John on this one – he just got himself more links to his forums via this silly contest than he would have from the contest itself thanks to Greg picking up the story.

Now let’s sit back and wait for John to pick his magic nonsense term and then see who’s the last man standing.

MSN AdCenter Adventure Part 2

Well well well – Part 2 already. The approval process has run full course and here are the results:

Approved =55 Pending =0 Rejected =13

Now what’s interesting is there seems to be only faint traces of logic to the editorial process. For example let’s say the site is about dog houses: maryland dog house – approved kentucky dog house – rejected generic dog house – approved buy generic dog house – rejected small canine shelter – rejected Needless to say an email has already gone off to support for clarification.

MSN AdCenter Adventure Part 1

So I decided it’s time to jump in and learn this PPC thing. I simply know too many people making money on it to let another day pass without getting in on the game. MSN was kind enough to invite me to the AdCenter pilot program. My plan is to blog my AdCenter Adventure as I learn PPC from the MSN point of view. I hope some of you come along for the ride and learn along with me and I’d imagine along the way we’ll uncover some cool and not so cool pieces of AdCenter. Keep in mind I’m not planning on reading any instructions or tips along the way. We’ll see how intuitive the interface is. Let’s begin…. I followed the url to sign up and 30 seconds later after entering my info and allowing MSN to charge my credit card for $5 to activate my account I’m staring at this screen: The next couple screens are really straight forward – pick your region (Singapore or US for now) and any dayparting you’d like. They have several predefined times of the day to choose from. So I picked some times I felt would be relevant for the product I’m testing with and, of course, turned my ads off at night. Next up is selecting your keywords. I love their interface for this. The keyword selector is in the top right and you seed it with your base keyword or phrase and it immediately gives you related phrases – much faster than Yahoo or WordTracker’s tools. Then you just click through selecting the terms you want and they are populated into a list in the bottom right. Once you’ve gone through all the phrases you want you click one more button and they move into your main window on the left and you can then manage all the bids on per word basis. I’m running minimum bid for everthing at this point. Now the creative bit. I’ve blurred my ads because you’d probably mock the creative. Well, that, and I don’t want you to see my market – sorry kids πŸ™‚ There is an ad preview that updates as you type in the ad fields below. Not a big deal but pretty cool to see it real time. Now we click submit and see the summary. Ads submitted at 12:28pm PST. I’ll take bets on how long it takes to approve… That wraps up the MSN AdCenter Adventure Part 1. Relatively painless I must say. Far better than the last time I set foot in the Adwords interface. ADDED: wow – 6 terms rejected instantly with: ‘Landing page content not relevant,Undesirable content per editorial guidelines’ as the reason. I can sort of see some of them but one in particular makes no sense at all. They basically told me that a site (Best Pet Reviews) about dogs is great for the term puppies (a fair comparison to the real terms IMHO). Check my lastest review on that guarantor loan program i’ve tested a few weeks ago. You can also check out direct lenders for bad credit personal loans at and learn more about loan and finance services.

Let us talk about grilling materials in the industry. If ever you want to see some of the client’s review about offset smoker, just visit and learn more here to decide what type of smoker is right for your needs.

Matt Cutts – Internet Funny Man

Matt Cutts, Google engineer, SafeSearch creator, drinker of clear, bubbly, non-alcoholic, beverages, deleter of useful sites and all round nice guy has gone out and picked up new funny bone. Wonder how many shares he cashed in for that? πŸ˜‰ He’s making the rounds: me WebGuerrilla Dax


I just got an interesting tip from my good friend pmac over at WebmasterWorld. He sent me an interesting google search…

So far in our limited research we’ve found that ‘information’ and ‘info’ searches seem to trigger Wikipedia entries at #1.

There’s been a few threads about postulating Wikipedia surpassing Google as the #1 source of information on the internet. Looks like Google has taken notice of ‘pedia’s explosive growth. Dmoz had some power back in the day but nothing like we’re seeing from Wikipedia today. Imagine how hard it will be to get your content in wikipedia now.

I’ll leave the discussion on the fact that Wikipedia has been proven wrong on a about a zillion occassions now and the power trippin’ editors over there make the dmoz editors look like amateurs.

On a side not I tripped across the Wackipedia the other day. The good ol’ ebonics translater is back πŸ™‚

Zawodny and Links

I keep forgetting that the people I blog about may actually swing by here and read as in the case of Jeremy Zawodny. He stopped by and did me the favor of a link to my recent post about his Sponsored Links. Here’s what he had to say:

#3 In Links, Condoms, Shit and Fans we learn that I’m “essentially daring the engines to throttle his outflow of link juice.”

I assure you, if that was my goal I could have come up with a much more dramatic way of doing it. (No, I’d rather not explain what that might be.)

But, hey, good attempt to make it look like I’m playing chicken with the folks in Mountain View or my co-workers. I’d give it a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

So let me clarify. I’m sure that Jeremey did not wake up one morning and decide that he should get in a game of chicken with Matt and Google. Rather, he decided that maybe he could make some pocket change promoting advertisers he deemed acceptable to put on his blog. That’s totally cool and I don’t think it should prompt any response from anyone at all. It’s his blog he can do as he pleases. But….

There is a bigger picture and no matter how innocent Jeremy’s intentions are the fact remains that his decision to sell links has an impact on the industry. Sorry Jeremy – nothing personal πŸ™‚

Links, Condoms, Shit and Fans

Man alive – take a couple days off after SES Chicago to go to a Christmas party and the shit really hits the fan…

Referrals are through the roof on my old parody site Link Condom and I’ll tell you why even tho I’m sure you aleady know and the truth of the matter is that I’m just blogging about this story as a complete bandwagoner.

It turns out that Mr. Jeremy Zawondy is selling links using a broker (that I happen to buy from and recomend on a nearly daily basis). For $300 a month you can be a clearly defined ‘Sponsor Link’ on Jeremy’s blog. So that means if you’ve been under a rock for the past week or just got computer and logged on to the internet for the first time ever and somehow found your way here I should point out why this is news since many people sell links. Ok – here we go…

Who is Jeremy Zawodny?
Well, he’s this guy. Jeremy is *THE* quintessential blogger of our age. Getting a link on his blog is like actually striking oil in your backyard. A link on this dude’s blog will drive you traffic and link juice all day long. Remember hearing about authority sites? Jeremy is an authority on everything.

Why should I care if Jeremy sells links?
Because search engines hate buying and selling links. The practice of buying and selling links tends to point out he MASSIVE holes in their algorithms. The pointing out of holes in algos tends to not be an activity your typical search engine likes to see go on. So let’s tie Jeremy into this…Well, for starters he works for Yahoo. Secondly he’s essentially daring the engines to throttle his outflow of link juice.

So does Matt Cutts (btw: always link to Matt with the non-www version of his domain – he likes that) at Google flick the switch and turn off the flow from Zawodny’s site? C’mon – do it – we’re all watching and waiting with baited breath. Well, I actually have gold fish cracker breath today cuz that’s all that’s in the office.

To sum up: The shit hit the fan cuz Zawodny didn’t put a condom on his link.

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