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AdSense Defector Leaks Pricing Info – 11/02/2005

I like to watch how the lead time from a story being broken on a blog to when it hits the more mainstream media. This particlur time lag surprised me a bit to be honest.

More Google Base

There’s quite a good thread running over at regarding Google Base including some screenshots. My first question is: if it’s such a big secret why did it go live long enough for someone to get screenshots? and how the hell did they know it was live? Gotta love Google’s PR machine 🙂

Check out this search…that, my friends, is a wide open door to what I’ve heard about Google Base. Just think if that result was feed based and you didn’t even have to leave google to see the cheapest flights…or the hottest jobs…or where all the garage sales are in your neighborhood this weekend…or…or…or…use your imagination.

But wait now you say…Google’s not a portal…riiiiight. Wake up and smell the money.

UPDATE: I actually have a screen shot from about 10 min ago:
Google base

Google Base

Tony Ruscoe’s Blog: All your base are belong to Google Tony’s speculating on what might be. He’s got some good ideas but they’re just a bit off-base (hahahahhaha). Tho the update info from Search Engine Watch is somewhat useful based on what I’ve heard. I could tell you more but then I’d have to shoot you. I know I know – what good is it to say I know what it is when I can’t tell you? Well, for one – I’m under NDA for what I hear in certain situations and for two – I soooo wanted to blog it and use the ‘All Your Base…’ line. 😉

GMail on CSI

Well, I’m just sittin here with a beer and popcorn watching CSI and lo and behold if Hotmail hasn’t been supplanted by GMail. Apparently the unfaithful husband met his lady friend online and knew her only as The cultural takeover marches on…

and I’ll save you the time – is already registered 😉