Re: Happy New Year

Normally I can rip through an inbox of folder of 1000+ emails and delete the real spam by hand in mere seconds but so far this year I’ve succumbed to one specific subject line on a regular basis and opened emails that are trying sell me cialis or cartier watches. These devious emails spammers have very cleverly found a hole in my defeneses with a simple subject line:

Re: Happy New Year

Next year I will not send out New Year’s greetings with that subject line….

Buy A Drink And Change A Life

So I’ve been a corporate monkey for about 6 or 7 months now working as the Director of Search Engine Optimization for Range Online Media and part of my job is to staff my department with the best and brightest.

Recruiting. Ugh – resumes and phone calls oh my!

That was my thought on the subject until today. I was having a chat with my boss about this whole recruiting thing and he said this to me:

Recruiting is fun – you get to buy people drinks in the hopes that some day you can change their lives.

Now then – that’s my kind of recruiting. So if I offer to buy you a drink at SES or Pubcon you know something’s up cuz I NEVER pick up the tab. 😉

Take My Money

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Rumor Mill – Microsoft Buys AOL

So I’m just hanging out here in bloody cold Chicago at SES and what do my wandering ears here? Microsoft has closed a deal with AOL.

Disclaimer: this is all rumor but I will update as I here more 🙂

Free Wifi at Seattle Airport

This is for all you road warriors out there…

If you’re passing through Seatac Airport and have time to get over to the A terminal where American Airlines flies out of you can get free Wifi from Tully’s Coffee. Technically you’re supposed to by a coffee and they give you the code but it hasn’t changed the past 5 times I’ve been here 🙂 So for all you not so thirsty for a $5 coffee:

Network: Tullys
Key: 2063333333

Anthony Noto & Phone Spam II

It would appear Anthony Noto is not a reader of this blog as evidenced by my voicemail this morning. Oh well, I’ll just add another shot to the nut sack…

Official Canadian Temperature Conversions

This came across my desk today and coffe came right out each nostril.

50 Fahrenheit . New Yorkers try to turn on the heat… Canadians plant gardens.
40 Fahrenheit . Californians shiver uncontrollably… Canadians Sunbathe.
35 Fahrenheit . Italian Cars won’t start … Canadians drive with the windows down
32 Fahrenheit . Distilled water freezes … Canadian water gets thicker.
0 Fahrenheit . New York City finally turn on the heat… Canadians have last cookout of the season.
-40 Fahrenheit . Hollywood disintegrates… Canadians rent some videos.
-60 Fahrenheit . Mt. St. Helens freezes… Canadian Girl Guides sell cookies door-to-door.
-100 Fahrenheit Santa Claus abandons the North Pole… Canadians pull down their ear flaps.
-173 Fahrenheit . Ethyl alcohol Freezes… Canadians get frustrated when they can’t thaw the keg.
-460 Fahrenheit . Absolute zero all atomic motion stops… Canadians start saying “cold, eh?”
-500 Fahrenheit . Hell freezes over… The Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.

Becoming A Real Blogger Part Deux

So I decided to move the blog to my root URL instead of /blog and of course I broke everything. That a blogger Rite of Passage?

Becoming A Real Blogger

– upgraded to WP 2.0
– made my urls static
– added a blogroll

Lookout blogosphere – here I come!!

Anthony Noto & Phone Spam

So there’s there’s this dude named Anthony Noto and he’s an analyst at Goldman Sachs. I’d like to punch him in the nut sack. Perhaps I should back up a few weeks and tell you why.

A few weeks backs some chick at Goldman Sachs called me up and asked me a few SEM Industry questions for some sort of poll or something. Feeling all cocky and important that Goldman Sachs would call little ol’ me I happily babbled on a variety of points for her. She thanked me for my time and that was that.

A few days later I come into the office and see a voicemail waiting for me. It’s from Anthony Noto – big time Goldman Sachs Analyst. How cool am I? He was so impressed with what I told his research assistant that he’s calling me directly to give me stock tips and make me rich in return for the valuable information I provided. Right?


It’s it a long long long long long voicemail about his hot stocks and why they are recommended buys etc. The timestamp indicates it came in the wee hours of the morning when I was pretty much guaranteed to not be here. About half way through I give up and hit 3-3-7 to fast forward to the end and delete. This was the first of many VM spams to come my way.

Finally after deleting many of these I actually sat all the way through one to get his phone number which he leaves to the very end of course. I sat all the way through cuz while I do know how to jump all the way to the end of a message no amount of button mashing would just skip forward partially.

A few minutes later after a very friendly chat with his assistant (who sounds quite sexy on the phone) I’m assured I’ll be taken off the list and we have a chuckle about his messages etc (he talks so fast you can barely follow along). I’m satisfied that I will no longer be plagued by another Anthony Noto, frenetic, caffeine induced stock expose.

This morning I see the VM light flashing….

THAT is why I think Anthony Noto deserves a shot to the sack.