Technorati Top 100 Experiment – Follow Up

OK – it’s been way too long and and this post is very very late but it’s been just nutty busy in whitehat corporate land. Back on September 14, 2006 Rand and I hatched a basic little scheme to see how easily we could game Technorati’s Favorites list. Really it should hardly be called gaming at all. We simply asked people to favorite my blog into the top 100. So let’s just get to the results. As of right now is the #81 most favorited blog at Technorati. And i have a Technorati ranking of 8,432 – down a couple thousand or so positions – very odd. Below are some stats out of an esign pdf – the red line marks the launch of the experiment: blogvisitorsperday.gif blogpageviews.gif blogrefer.gif Basically all that happened was there was a spike in pageviews the day Rand announced the contest but readership was more or less unchanged and continues to trend at about the same slope. Technorati sent a whopping 38 visitors in September who were all probably readers here anyhow coming back after favoriting the site. I’d imagine hitting the top 3 or 5 on top favorited sites would be quite good but just being on the list clearly didn’t do me any good. Keep favoriting me over there and let’s see what happens 🙂

Technorati Top 100 Experiment

Rand and I were having a chat on the actual phone yesterday. Wonderful old school technology this phone is… Anyhow, in the course of the conversation we discussed the blog world and more specifically our blogs and even more specifically the Top 100 lists at Technorati. For those handful of you that occassionally read this blog you’ve hopefully noticed a greater effort to post more regularly. Since upping my game here on the blog my Technorati ranking has actually plummeted like a bird that died in flight. Enter the experiment…how many people does take to screw in a lightb…er…does it take to favorite a blog into the to Top 100 Favorited list at Technorati? Rand and I are asking all our readers to favorite our blogs and post in the comments. I will favorite you all back as well. Just post here and include your Technorati link so I don’t have to go hunting – cuz I won’t. 😉 As of this post my ranking is 6838 (even lower than yesterday – wtf?) and has been favorited 22 times. I’ll definitly share traffic data etc as this experiment progresses. I do know for a fact that several folks have gamed the Top 100 with some clever programming etc but I’m not a coder nor do I really want to pay one so we’ll do it manually and see if we can have decent or even better results.

MySpace Lies And Other Unimportant Hoopla

So there’s this dude that has the skinny on MySpace and is gonna expose their dirty undies to the world later today. Big freakin deal. I mean really – who gives two shits? Well – I do insomuch as I will pontificate upon the condensed version found at Valleywag to the point that nobody should give two shits about it at all. First, Lapinski says:

marketing and web development company who had over 50 million e-mail addresses in their databases, as well as over 18 million monthly web users. eUniverse leveraged their resources to proliferate and advertise eUniverse went as far as telling 3 million users of their paid dating website,, to sign up for free MySpace accounts.

Oh my goodness – call the web police. Somebody cross promoted their own new product to their existing clients. How underhanded! How nefarious! Lock them up and throw away the key! (That’s sarcasm for those of you that don’t recognize it when you see it writing) Second, Lapinski says:

to use the site, members must log in, causing them to inadvertently view advertisements, and then read their messages on a page with even more advertisements.

Oh my goodness – call the web police. Somebody put adds up to monitize a system that costs a fortune to run a decent SEO agency. How underhanded! How nefarious! Lock them up and throw away the key! (That’s sarcasm for those of you that don’t recognize it when you see it writing) The web’s not free people and just because we call something 2.0 isn’t going to make the Linux VPS server costs and employment costs magically disappear. Besides, when the time you went to Google, Yahoo, or MSN? You don’t even have to log in to be subjected to ads on those sites. Thirdly, Lapinski says:

Tom Anderson did NOT create MySpace.

Ok – I have no snappy comeback for that but who cares? Poll the REAL MySpace users (not the gagillion auto generated profiles) and ask then who created MySpace. They don’t know and they don’t care. Fourthly, Lapinski says:

MySpace’s CEO Chris DeWolfe is connected to a past of spam and shady business associates and brought those connections to eUniverse/MySpace.

Hell – the dudes that created Skype can’t even enter the country and everybody loves them and what they’ve created. I think Mr DeWolfe will weather this storm just fine. Fifthly, Lapinski says:

MySpace was a direct assault on The major key players in the ultimate development of MySpace have Friendster accounts, and name Friendster and its founder in their original business proposal.

Of course it was. Success breeds imitation and competition. AdWords was a direct assult on Overture. MSN Search is a direct assult on Google (albeit not very successful to date). Friendster and it’s founders were named in the business plan? Of course they were. You need a target. Aim and nothing and you’ll hit it everytime.MySpace is an online phenomenon at this point and is GINORMOUS in proportion. If it came to light that MySpace founders were avid club carrying baby seal hunters it wouldn’t be likely to slow down the juggernaut.

Danny Sullivan Leaves Incisive

Shocking but not terribly suprising I must say. Incisive has made an absolutely retarded decision not to whatever it takes to keep Danny on board. To me and to nearly every other SES regular I know Danny=SES. So that means that where Danny goes people will follow. Does that mean a new conference circuit? Who knows? but Danny has promised to keep us all informed as he moves forward. Head over to Daggle and grab the rss or join his Yahoo! Group.

FOO Camping

Well, FOO Camp is finally upon us. Today I’m headed to Sebastopol CA to sleep pharmacy on the floor of someone’s cubicle at the O’Reilly campus. I’m us canadian pharmacy fairly certain I’m going to be the dumb guy in the crowd. Look at the attendee list and suggested topic list and tell me if I’m wrong 😉 I’ll post a round up of the event when I get home.

Rael Dornfest Leaves O’Reilly

If you don’t know who Rael is then I’d like to know what rock you’ve been hiding under. He’s been at O’Reilly for several years now an has been involved on various levels with an outstanding list of books including Mac OS X Panther Hacks, Mac OS X Hacks, Google Hacks, Essential Blogging, and Peer to Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies. One of my personal favorite projects of his has been Blosxom. From his latest blog posting it seems that he’s off to take one of his ideas out to market. That said he will still be hanging out with the O’Reilly crew and chairing the 07 version of ETech. Best of luck Rael. See you at FOO.

One Of Our Own Needs Our Help

Marcela DeVivo, aka 2_much, has been a member of the SEO community for as long as I can remember. She’s a good friend and one of those all-around-good people out there.

It’s come to my attention via Grnidone that Marcela now needs our help. I think it’s the least we can do in light of all the help she’s been to us over the years as a friend and the years of service as a moderator at WMW.

Marcela DeVivo is due to give birth to her first child, a son named Nathan Dorje Andrew, any day…

What should be the happiest day of her life, may turn out to be one of the most tragic. Her son, Nathan Dorje Andrew, was diagnosed with severe brain damage, and doctors said he may not survive…

Marcela is currently facing many medical bills due to all of this, and there will probably be many more. I’ve opened a PayPal account in her name to collect donations for her to help with these expenses.

Click here to send some help.

FOO Camp and New Directions

Is this blog dead or alive? I’m really not sure. I’d like to see it move ahead and get some real traffic and user input but I think I need a new direction for that. Being just another SEO/SEM blogger is simply adding to the noise echoing back folks like Danny Sullivan, DaveN and the various search engine forums

Enter FOO Camp and the broadening of my horizons.

I’m very much looking forward to participating and meeting some new folks to challenge geek world view. Though I am mildly concerned that some of them may gang up on me and beat me senseless for all the blogspam from my former life. Hey campers I’m 6’6″, 380 lbs, and know 8 maritial arts.

SEO/M Apprentice?

Shoemoney as the next Donald? SEO contests seem to be all the rage these days but I think Shoe has a good twist – not to mention a crapload more money to give away. We’ve discussed, ad nauseum, the flaws of traditional SEO contests where people compete for nonsense terms. That’s the wrong measurement and Shoemoney knows that. Keep an eye out for information. I’ll post it as I get it.

Search Engine Strategies – New York

Tomorrow morning the trek begins. SES NY is upon us again. For those of you will actually attend some sessions I’ll be speaking on a couple panels with some very good friends of mine. The details are: Pimp My Site Wed, March 1, 2006 (Day 3) 2:00pm – 3:15pm Organic Listings Forum Thur. March 2, 2006 (Day 4) 9:00am-10:15am See you in the bar 🙂