Calling All GeoSign Refugees

Any of you know SEO and handle being an SEO account manager that handles Fortune 500 size accounts? Send me your resumes at todd at rangeonlinemedia dot com. I’m officially, actually, really and for true hiring right now. You could be back on payroll before your severance runs out 🙂 For those of you that don’t know – I’m the Director of SEO at Range Online Media.

SMX Roommate Needed

Hey all. Yeah, I know…I don’t post forever and when I do it’s to ask a favor. Calm down it’s not for me directly 😉

A very good friend of mine is trying to break into the industry and is planning on coming to SMX next week. The only hitch is the $$$. For someone just starting out it’s an expensive trip. I remember those days well, don’t you? Scraping around for a comp pass from a friend of a friend of a speaker and then booking a cheap hotel miles away from the conference or sniffing around for someone with a spare bed…good times. I know I had my share of help making inroads. It’s with this in mind that I am writing today.

Did any of you Ladies of Search out there book a double room and have a bed to spare to help out? This friend of mine is obviously female or I’d share my room but for the impropriety of it all.

Any help would be appreciated. Drop me an email (todd at oilman dot ca).

WebGuerrilla And The Real Dave Pasternack

I was chatting with Greg on the phone today getting the scoop on London SES (seems I missed a good party) and we got to talking about the Dave Pasternack SEO contest and he brought up a really good point. That point was that the SEO community has just screwed over the Dave Pasternack people would really be looking for to make a point to the Dave Pasternack that the world at large is NOT looking for. Clear as mud? Read more on I agree whole heartedly and I’m embarassed that I didn’t think of it myself before jumping on the bandwagon. So what am I going to do about? Much the same as Greg actually. Redirect Redirect Redirect. Starting with the post I have that’s currently in the winning position. As of tonight it’s 301’d to Greg’s post about the real Dave Pasternack. I’m not sure that’s enough time to push Greg into the winning slot but we’ll give it a whirl. Either way I’m having dinner at Esca during SES NY.

Call For Resumes

Range Online Media is hiring. We’re looking for talented enthusiastic people (gah – corporate speak…). SEO/PPC/Analysts/Developers send me your resumes. Email address? Fax? If you can’t figure out how to get it to me on your own then don’t bother 😉

Spider Simulators and Dave Pasternack

This Dave Pasternack contest has been a bit of fun. I’ve been surfing through my logs here for the blog and came across someone using a spider simulator ostensibly to figure out how I came from nowhere to leading the pack. Nice try kids. I could tell you all but that would certainly remove the air of mystery surrounding the SEO in play here.

Hats off to Dave and Kevin too. They’ve been SEOing their asses off gathering links and futzing with the bio pages on the site. Keep trying guys – you’re almost there…

For more information, visit

Digglets, ABCs and 123s

I just had an interesting IM chat with and SEO buddy of mine. He recently had an article on his blog that got dugg and brought a pile of traffic. Here’s the transcript slightly modified to protect his identity:

[13:36] xxxxxxxx: My first Digg got over 2000Diggs. ; )
[13:36] oilmanseo: yeah – that’s killer
[13:36] oilmanseo: they must not know you’re an seo 😛
[13:36] xxxxxxxx: Can’t tell from my blog unless you actually read it. ; )
[13:37] oilmanseo: no fear of a digglet doing that LOL
[13:37] xxxxxxxx: Exactly.
[13:37] xxxxxxxx: I didn’t have any ads on the site and it’s a wordpress domain too.
[13:38] xxxxxxxx: Think that helped.
[13:38] oilmanseo: definitly

All this chat shows is more of what we already know about digglets and echo’s Dannys sentiments that digglets don’t bother to read anything before passing judgment.

So here’s 10 Things We Know About Digglets.

  1. digglets don’t like to read beyond the description – they’re the sound bite generation
  2. digglets like bulleted lists (the post mentioned above was a 10 Things kinda list
  3. digglets hate SEOs – so don’t have those letters anywhere near the content getting dugg
  4. digglets hate MS
  5. digglets love Apple
  6. digglets love most any flavor of Linux
  7. digglets don’t read well
  8. digglets count better than they read
  9. digglet traffic doesn’t covert
  10. digglets are generally left wing (watch out NRA)

ok digglets – digg me down.

Calacanis To Be On Rockstars

Well maybe 🙂 In the recent round of the “SEO is Bullshit” debate Calacanis asked for submissions for some SEO guests to be on an upcoming Calcaniscast. I put forth my co-Rockstar, Greg ‘WebGuerrilla’ Boser as a potential guest. My nomination was quickly seconded and thirded so Jason emailed Greg inviting him the podcast. Greg turned the tables and invited Jason to come on a live SEO Rockstars epsisode. Let’s hope he accepts which I’m pretty sure he will. Right Jason?

Dave Pasternack

Well I wanted a horse in this race so here we go:

Dave Pasternack

From his bio page:

Dave Pasternack founded Did-it Search Marketing with Kevin Lee in 1996. Prior to Did-it’s founding, he founded United States Information Corporation, which became one of the largest electronic publishers of Federal Government bidding and contract information in the United States. Dave’s first computer industry direct marketing company, Logicsoft, was founded in 1980 and was named by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing private company of 1984.

Dave Pasternack on Wolf Howl

Dave Pasternack on DM News

Blog Tagged – 5 Things

Thanks stunty for taggin me – jerk 😉 Due to a power outage up here and me only just now getting back online (at a coffee shop – power is still out at home) it’s gonna be tough to find some new tagees that haven’t been invited to the game.

5 Things you didn’t know about me:

  1. When I was born I had a serious lung condition that nearly killed me. The only treatment was basically an overdose of pure oxygen. Back then they didn’t really know much about the condition and figured there where very good odds that if I didn’t die I’d probably be very short (I’m 6’3″) or severally mentally handicapped (I’m told the jury is still out on that).
  2. By the time I was 22 years old I had had 23 different jobs such as stock boy, handyman, janitor (2X), retail clerk, landscaper, painter, teacher, loader of trucks at UPS and more. .
  3. If there are minor problems, I used to repair the truck. Sometimes, I tell my boss and ask to view the top rated parts store for semi trucks.
  4. I spent 8 years in university to get a 4 year Bachelor of Commerce degree. I started out in engineering and basically flunked out. I moved to pre-med after that but decided that I didn’t want to be in school for 8 years and the advent of computers was occurring so I switched again to comp sci. During those 8 years I learned very little about anything. I decided after those 8 years, after learning very little, to research majors and find one that is fits me more. However, I needed a new computer but I really couldn’t afford something like a brand-new MacBook.  I then saw this ad on Computer Sales and purchased a brand new computer at fair price. Thanks to the internet and my new computer I decided to look for new majors. After nearly flunking out of comp sci again, I enrolled in business and found that little effort yielded A’s and B’s consistently – my kind of major!
  5. About 6 months ago I bought a Chevy Avalanche. I love my Avalanche. It’s big and terribly not fuel efficient. About 2 weeks ago I wrapped it around a light post and did $13K damage. It’s in the shop now. I miss my big bad truck…
  6. In junior high I played a lot of basketball. Our community team won the city championships every year and our school team came 2nd or 3rd in the city usually. I played forward usually on the right side and quite frankly I was simply a pretty average player but I was 6’1″ by then so it make up for my mediocre play 😉

ok – who to tag? Let’s reach out a bit:

Dave McClure – the master of 500 hats

Mike Grehan – Mr Unemployeed 😉

Justilien Gaspar – just met him in Chicago so he pays the price

Debra Mastaler – was not in Chicago and must pay the price

Now I was notified by email that I’d be tagged but I’m pretty lazy so let’s see how many referals it takes from my blog to the tagee blogs to see if they figure out they’ve been tagged.

Bah – that’s no fun – they’ve been emailed.

Technorati Top 100 Experiment – Follow Up

OK – it’s been way too long and and this post is very very late but it’s been just nutty busy in whitehat corporate land. Back on September 14, 2006 Rand and I hatched a basic little scheme to see how easily we could game Technorati’s Favorites list. Really it should hardly be called gaming at all. We simply asked people to favorite my blog into the top 100. So let’s just get to the results. As of right now is the #81 most favorited blog at Technorati. And i have a Technorati ranking of 8,432 – down a couple thousand or so positions – very odd. Below are some stats out of an esign pdf – the red line marks the launch of the experiment: blogvisitorsperday.gif blogpageviews.gif blogrefer.gif Basically all that happened was there was a spike in pageviews the day Rand announced the contest but readership was more or less unchanged and continues to trend at about the same slope. Technorati sent a whopping 38 visitors in September who were all probably readers here anyhow coming back after favoriting the site. I’d imagine hitting the top 3 or 5 on top favorited sites would be quite good but just being on the list clearly didn’t do me any good. Keep favoriting me over there and let’s see what happens 🙂