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Martin Schaedel – One In A Billion

A long time friend of mine was tragically killed in a plane crash this week. If you didn’t get the chance to meet the mysterious and charismatic Matin Schaedel then you missed out. I had the opportunity spend a fair amount of time with him over the years at various conferences here and abroad and my life, both personally and professionally, is better for it. 

I met Martin for the first time in London in 2002 and I remember thinking to myself “How did that kid get in here?” Then I spoke to him and found myself speaking to a bona fide business man that had knowledge and ability far beyond his years. For years after that I was constantly amazed and baffled when I would hear about his business exploits. If I can be half the entreprenuer he was I’ll be happy. The connections Martin made over the years are truly impressive and I’ve never met a singler person that didn’t out right love him within 30 seconds of meeting him.  He took us all along with him in some way or another by always thinking of his friends and including us in opportunities at every possible turn.

Martin my friend, I wish I’d had more time and been more intentional with our friendship. Rest In Peace.

Thanks to Brett Tabke for sending me this picture. I’m glad to have it:


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