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The Oilman Moves On

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On June 15, 2005 I took the position of Director of SEO at Range Online Media and embarked on a journey that’s lasted for 2 and a half years and has been nothing short of absolutely amazing and rewarding. For some reason, still not totally known to me, Misty Locke and Cheryle Pingle handed over a growing SEO department to me, a guy that had, up until that point, been working in his bath robe in the basement of his house. I’ll never forget how freakin scared I was to step into a management role and carry the responsibility of growing a whole division of a company. For the next 900 and some odd days the team at Range offered me guidance, forgiveness, patience, mentoring and leadership. The end result has been far and away the most rewarding and enjoyable job of my life. It’s with a very heavy heart that I must share with you today that my time at Range has come to an end. I have taken a VP role at company in Seattle called Visible Technologies. I will be overseeing their search department part of the time but mostly I will be working with the product team on two products: TruCast and TruView. I am very excited to embark on this new path and grow my skill set beyond SEO to include more expertise in reputation management and social media measurement. Visible Technologies is a great company that is backed by Ignition Partners. I’ve had the opportunity to meet several folks at both Visible and Ignition and I’ve been impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of each and everyone of them. I’m confident we’ll all find success together. In order to properly fill the new role at Visible I will be moving to the Seattle area as soon as I can sell my home here and get my family packed up. Look out Seattle – here I come. Yes, I’ll miss my island paradise but the opportunity to work more closely with search community in Seattle is a great benefit that helps offset the extreme sadness of leaving behind a life and friends, here in Victoria, that have been simply wonderful. As I mentioned already, my time at Range has been amazing and I cannot say enough about how great a place Range is to work. The people at Range, long ago, became family. I often have a hard time imagining not being a part of the team at Range anymore. Working at Range has been a privilege. I can’t say enough of Range as a whole or, specifically, the SEO team. The team that reports directly to me is completely badass. Watching them hit homerun after homerun for the likes of Neiman Marcus, Nike, Sharper Image, Macy’s and more has been such a pleasure. There is nothing like managing a world class team. Lastly, Range is working hard to add some new staff to the SEO department. I will still be the Director of SEO until January 31 so please send me resumes directly to todd at rangeonlinemedia dot com or you can submit them to our HR department. I will be helping sort through applications and resumes to ensure that Range continues to have a world class SEO team.