Archives for July 2007

Feel The Love

Must be a boring rainy day around the world. The LinkedIn and Facebook friend requests have been rolling in fast and furious today. I’ve literally received more requests today than in any previous month. I even accepted a few. Some are people I know and drink with at shows and others are people I really barely know or don’t know at all. For example a VP of a television network wanted to link up. Cool. Can you bring back Firefly for me?

btw – social networks are one thing but don’t abuse my IM. There’s been a rash of folks getting my AIM id from somewhere and starting up a conversation in the middle of my day. I don’t really mind that so much as after a couple minutes of the usual pleasantries the next message is “Hey do you have a digg account?”. If I didn’t hardly know you before you added yourself to my IM list do you really think that I’m sitting here waiting to digg shit for you?

Where’s The Beef?

Last night I get home just as my wife is serving up dinner onto plates and she looks up and says “Do you want a bun for you hamburger? It’s a different kind of burger…..” Yeah – that’s right “different” as in: NO MEAT. She’s decided that we need a vegetarian meal a couple nights a week. I’m pretty ok with but for pete’s sake don’t go trying to sneak it past me disguised as meat. I’ll probably notice that a patty made of chick peas and nuts isn’t meat regardless of how good it is for my colon.