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Yahoo Announces NOYDIR Tag

Last year Yahoo mentioned they were working on their version of the NO ODP tag and today they’ve announced officially that the NOYDIR tag is live and will be supported immediately in the US, Japan and Korea (we’ll assume Canada will supported along with the US right?)

I’m glad they’re doing it but in my mind it’s still backwards. We take the time to create proper meta tags and we have to tell search engines to use the content on our pages? Oh well, like I say, it’s good that it’s here. Have you tried to change a Yahoo Directory listing lately?

Feedburner Numbers Jump

I’ve seen a lot of reports lately about FeedBurner subscription numbers jumping up drastically sometime in the past couple weeks. I’m too lazy to go find the actual posts but what reminded me of this was meeting a couple dudes from FeedBurner here in the Range offices about an hour ago. I poked my head into the meeting and asked them straight up what was the deal with the numbers jump and they told me that it was essentially Google and to a lesser extent services like MyYahoo and Bloglines actually reporting back to FeedBurner accurate numbers of subscribers in their respective services. Essentially Google et al was, for all intents and purposes, showing up as only one subscriber. So even if 1000 people were subscribed to your FeedBurner feed via Google Reader or Blogines etc it was only showing up to FeedBurner as one subscriber. Now that the readers are reporting numbers back to FeedBurner you are seeing the true number of subscribers you have. Sorry to say none of you generated a ton of new subscibers overnight but at least you can bump your ad rates because your readership is higher than you thought. Watch the FeedBurner blog in the next few days for a more detailed explanation.

WebGuerrilla And The Real Dave Pasternack

I was chatting with Greg on the phone today getting the scoop on London SES (seems I missed a good party) and we got to talking about the Dave Pasternack SEO contest and he brought up a really good point. That point was that the SEO community has just screwed over the Dave Pasternack people would really be looking for to make a point to the Dave Pasternack that the world at large is NOT looking for. Clear as mud? Read more on specspriceinnigeria.com. I agree whole heartedly and I’m embarassed that I didn’t think of it myself before jumping on the bandwagon. So what am I going to do about? Much the same as Greg actually. Redirect Redirect Redirect. Starting with the post I have that’s currently in the winning position. As of tonight it’s 301’d to Greg’s post about the real Dave Pasternack. I’m not sure that’s enough time to push Greg into the winning slot but we’ll give it a whirl. Either way I’m having dinner at Esca during SES NY.

Call For Resumes

Range Online Media is hiring. We’re looking for talented enthusiastic people (gah – corporate speak…). SEO/PPC/Analysts/Developers send me your resumes. Email address? Fax? If you can’t figure out how to get it to me on your own then don’t bother 😉

Spider Simulators and Dave Pasternack

This Dave Pasternack contest has been a bit of fun. I’ve been surfing through my logs here for the blog and came across someone using a spider simulator ostensibly to figure out how I came from nowhere to leading the pack. Nice try kids. I could tell you all but that would certainly remove the air of mystery surrounding the SEO in play here.

Hats off to Dave and Kevin too. They’ve been SEOing their asses off gathering links and futzing with the bio pages on the site. Keep trying guys – you’re almost there…

For more information, visit https://guaranteedseo.services/.

Digglets, ABCs and 123s

I just had an interesting IM chat with and SEO buddy of mine. He recently had an article on his blog that got dugg and brought a pile of traffic. Here’s the transcript slightly modified to protect his identity:

[13:36] xxxxxxxx: My first Digg got over 2000Diggs. ; )
[13:36] oilmanseo: yeah – that’s killer
[13:36] oilmanseo: they must not know you’re an seo 😛
[13:36] xxxxxxxx: Can’t tell from my blog unless you actually read it. ; )
[13:37] oilmanseo: no fear of a digglet doing that LOL
[13:37] xxxxxxxx: Exactly.
[13:37] xxxxxxxx: I didn’t have any ads on the site and it’s a wordpress domain too.
[13:38] xxxxxxxx: Think that helped.
[13:38] oilmanseo: definitly

All this chat shows is more of what we already know about digglets and echo’s Dannys sentiments that digglets don’t bother to read anything before passing judgment.

So here’s 10 Things We Know About Digglets.

  1. digglets don’t like to read beyond the description – they’re the sound bite generation
  2. digglets like bulleted lists (the post mentioned above was a 10 Things kinda list
  3. digglets hate SEOs – so don’t have those letters anywhere near the content getting dugg
  4. digglets hate MS
  5. digglets love Apple
  6. digglets love most any flavor of Linux
  7. digglets don’t read well
  8. digglets count better than they read
  9. digglet traffic doesn’t covert
  10. digglets are generally left wing (watch out NRA)

ok digglets – digg me down.

Calacanis To Be On Rockstars

Well maybe 🙂 In the recent round of the “SEO is Bullshit” debate Calacanis asked for submissions for some SEO guests to be on an upcoming Calcaniscast. I put forth my co-Rockstar, Greg ‘WebGuerrilla’ Boser as a potential guest. My nomination was quickly seconded and thirded so Jason emailed Greg inviting him the podcast. Greg turned the tables and invited Jason to come on a live SEO Rockstars epsisode. Let’s hope he accepts which I’m pretty sure he will. Right Jason?

Dave Pasternack

Well I wanted a horse in this race so here we go:

Dave Pasternack

From his bio page:

Dave Pasternack founded Did-it Search Marketing with Kevin Lee in 1996. Prior to Did-it’s founding, he founded United States Information Corporation, which became one of the largest electronic publishers of Federal Government bidding and contract information in the United States. Dave’s first computer industry direct marketing company, Logicsoft, was founded in 1980 and was named by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing private company of 1984.

Dave Pasternack on Wolf Howl

Dave Pasternack on DM News

Kensington Sucks

UPDATE: Kensington just sent me a email asking me to take a survey regarding my customer service experience. Sweet. I gave them the link to this post. BTW – Targus has a fully stocked Canadian online store. Choke on that Kensington.

Hot on the heels of my good experience at Gateway comes a shitty experience at Kensington. I just bought the 120 Watt Kensington power adapter that works in planes, cars and regular wall sockets. I have a long flight to London this week and didn’t want to run out of juice in the middle of a movie or some work.

So this is nice replacement to carrying around all the chargers I normally have to carry. It has a bunch of swappable tips for all kinds of devices. Of course it only comes with laptop tips and a bonus iPod tip – cuz the whole damn world has an iPod right? WRONG! I have a Zen Video. So I figure I’ll just order up the tips I need and the dual charging cable and we’re off to the races.

Well, several phone calls later I wind up calling Kensington Canada directly because nobody carries any accessories for this piece of crap. I get a very nice girl on the phone that offers to look for the tips I need and send them out. Today I get an email from her that they don’t have the tips I need nor do they even sell the dual charger cable in Canada so I should call Kensington US and see if they can help. WTF?!

I just got off the phone with Kensington US and yeah they have what I want but won’t ship to Canada. I asked if I can use my credit card and just get them ship to somewhere in the US where I’ll be soon. No can do – only US credit cards.

Time to investigate the Targus power adapter and see if I have better luck with parts for that.

To be fair I can understand why American companies ignore Canada. We only have about 30,000,000 people up here – sheesh.

Gateway Technical Support Rocks

Well – sorta. I just bought a refurbished Gateway Media Center PC. It’s a pretty decent machine:

  • Athlon 64 X2 3800+
  • 1 Gig Ram
  • Stupid big hard drive
  • TV Tuner
  • Windows Media Center OS
  • DVD RW
  • 13 in 1 card reader
  • $549 CDN

I mean jeez you can’t even buy the parts for that price. So I jumped all over it as a second machine for at home.

Of course right out of the box it didn’t work. The computer didn’t recognize the TV tuner so I couldn’t watch TV while I worked (a requirement for evening working). So I call in to Gateway support and wait on hold for 20 min and get to chat to Amanda who is the sweetest young lady I believe I’ve ever encounter in any suppport role. She wasn’t very bright and really only suggested reinstalling drivers etc which I had already done. At the end of all that she sent me out a new TV tuner card.

Two days later the new card shows up and I install it and no love. Poke around online a bit more and find out there is a major update for MCE. Yeah yeah – my bad for not updating Windows very first thing. So her fix didn’t work but I’m still pretty ok about it at this point because Amanda was so very cool and genuinely tried her best.

So I finally get the patch installed and bingo bango TV works but it’s really spotting and hiccupy and I have to restart the application over and over and it only ever works for 15 min at a time or so.

I figure I’ll give Gateway one more chance and try their online chat system for support. I log in and get someone right away. I tell them my problem and it turns out it’s a known issue and the fix is to install the drivers for the AMD cpu. That’s right – the drivers ARE NOT installed at the factory. How lame is that? Anyhoo – download, install, reboot and we have hiccup free TV.

All in all a fairly painless experience and I have to say when I compare this to other nightmarish support experience this is about as good as it gets. Way to go Gateway.