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The Dallas Observer Is The Shit

Someone needs to hire a new copy editor at The Dallas Observer. shits.gif Full article here.

My Favorite Blogspams

I’ve been running Akismet on this blog since day one and it’s been absolutely fantastic at catching blog spam. The false positive percentage has been nearly zero – somewhere in the 0.01% range. I normally sort through the akismet stuff every other day and double check for any errors. I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite spams for your entertainment:

Name: 414020 Blog Verification | URI: | IP: | Date: October 16, 2006

414020 Blog Verification…


***I like the use of my own url and that the seem to be trying to verify me. Good stuff.

Name: pqdfxkowrs | URI: | IP: | Date: October 17, 2006


ymjxqtedde jzsrcbbnk mndvsvsc ktmpcaiff …

***Get a ton of these one with all manner of gibberish. Clearly test posting.

dypixau | | | IP:

LOL! Realy nice joke :)

***I never joke. This is a deadly serious blog. 😉

quhoilu | | | IP:

Hello, just discovered your lovely domain today today ^^ I love the brightness and the flow of the layouts, keep it up!

***I do have a nice theme and layout but I’m fairly sure they didn’t really see it.

phentermine phentermine | | | IP:

phentermine .

***Short and to the point. Good old spam. I like that the blog is already dead too.

gambler | | | IP:

My gambling site:


***Clearly not ready to give up in spite of the new laws. Go man!!

MSN Live Search Adds Linkfromdomain Operator

Finally MSN does something nifty with search: an outbound link operator. Who do you link TO? That’s some excellent new data to add to your competitive research projects. Now if only MSN would get crawling more of the web.

We have one new, very exciting operator: LinkFromDomain. Using LinkFromDomain in your search includes all sites that are linked from a given domain. This complements LinkDomain (which includes all sites that link to a given domain) that was introduced back in June, 05.

More info here. If you’re really quiet you can here the scrapers firing up…

Bill Gates Wants to Give you $50 – well sorta

No this isn’t the chain-spam-email. MSN AdCenter is giving the next 200 people $50 credits in their AdCenter accounts.

Over the last few months, we’ve been cooking up a new feature that we think many of you will appreciate: promotion codes (a.k.a. “coupons”).

It took a lot of planning and work to mint promotion codes to give current and potential advertisers incentives to try adCenter. First, we had lots of meetings to decide what type of codes we’d need – single or multi-use*? – how about both? We also discussed other important things such as, should we call it a coupon? We decided to go with “promotion code.” Second, you need a stellar program manager to write up a spec that incorporates all of the adCenter teams’ needs (thank you, Om!). Third, you need help from the service and operations teams to think through all the possible and creative uses of promotion codes. Finally, you need amazing engineers to build a product that can scale to your needs.

We lucked out. All the cooks in the kitchen pulled together, and over the weekend we shipped promotion codes.

Most of our promotion codes will likely be targeted to new advertisers, but today, for our blog readers, we’ve created a multi-use promotion code just for you: minty06

This code (minty06) can be applied to new or existing accounts. To redeem this promotion, existing users will need to sign-in to adCenter, select the Accounts & Billing tab, and then select an account from the list. On the Account Details page, at the bottom, there is a box where you can redeem your promotion code. Simply type the code in the box and click Save. There isn’t a confirmation message yet – that’s coming in the next update. New advertisers can redeem this promotion code during the sign-up process on the Billing tab.

This promotion is available to the first 200 adCenter advertisers that redeem it (one redemption per account), and is worth $50 for U.S. currency adCenter accounts (additional currencies and countries will be supported in upcoming releases). All the small-type text below explains the legal implications of redeeming this code.

We’re off to celebrate this feature launch now with our team (rumor has it someone brought in mint ice cream!). We hope you enjoy the coupon promotion code!

Kelly & Natala
Microsoft adCenter Product Managers

There is a bit of fine print on the AdCenter blog.

How To Set Up A Blog

Blogging is everywhere and like my buddy Shandyking I get asked alot to help set up blogs for friends and family but now that Shandy has put in some time and laid out the steps I can simply point people over there and say “Hell, they’re Shandy’s instructions. Email him”. Perfect.

Technorati Top 100 Experiment – Follow Up

OK – it’s been way too long and and this post is very very late but it’s been just nutty busy in whitehat corporate land. Back on September 14, 2006 Rand and I hatched a basic little scheme to see how easily we could game Technorati’s Favorites list. Really it should hardly be called gaming at all. We simply asked people to favorite my blog into the top 100. So let’s just get to the results. As of right now is the #81 most favorited blog at Technorati. And i have a Technorati ranking of 8,432 – down a couple thousand or so positions – very odd. Below are some stats out of an esign pdf – the red line marks the launch of the experiment: blogvisitorsperday.gif blogpageviews.gif blogrefer.gif Basically all that happened was there was a spike in pageviews the day Rand announced the contest but readership was more or less unchanged and continues to trend at about the same slope. Technorati sent a whopping 38 visitors in September who were all probably readers here anyhow coming back after favoriting the site. I’d imagine hitting the top 3 or 5 on top favorited sites would be quite good but just being on the list clearly didn’t do me any good. Keep favoriting me over there and let’s see what happens 🙂