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FOO Camp and New Directions

Is this blog dead or alive? I’m really not sure. I’d like to see it move ahead and get some real traffic and user input but I think I need a new direction for that. Being just another SEO/SEM blogger is simply adding to the noise echoing back folks like Danny Sullivan, DaveN and the various search engine forums

Enter FOO Camp and the broadening of my horizons.

I’m very much looking forward to participating and meeting some new folks to challenge geek world view. Though I am mildly concerned that some of them may gang up on me and beat me senseless for all the blogspam from my former life. Hey campers I’m 6’6″, 380 lbs, and know 8 maritial arts.

FireFox Error

I keep getting this error in FF and it basically crashes the browser. It only happens on the laptop and not on the desktop at all. Both systems are running V It seems to be happening when a page is running a remote script to something like Google Analytics or some other ad server.

Any thots out there on what is going on?

I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up

So I was walking to baggage claim at the Portland, OR airport on Monday afternoon and I heard this announcement over the PA:

There has been a walker left at gate A2. If you are missing your walker please return to gate A2 to claim it.


Calling NY Web Developers

Hey folks. I’m looking for a reputable web development firm based in the NY (Manhattan-ish) area, I already hired a web designer from the Huemor web development agency. I need to make some recommendations soon regarding a site redesign and potential platform change for some friends. Feel free to post here or email me at todd at oilman dot ca.

SearchStatus 1.16 Release

getsearch.jpgThe boys over at Quirk have been working hard and have delivered a new release of SearchStatus. We’re up to Version 1.16 now and it just keeps getting better and better. From the Changelog:

2006-06-12: ver 1.16 – Show backward links expanded (Thanks to Todd “Oilman” Friesen!), new link report showing internal and external link counts, Google Trends included, more PageRank fetch tweaks, Firefox 2.0 alpha supported, support for highlighting nofollow links from a meta tag, minor tweaks.

Grab the new version here.

The Captain Could Be Yours

After a bit of dicking around cuz of ebay’s uncoolness The Captain is back up for grabs

I’ve been growing The Captain (that’s what I’ve named my moustache) since December 10th of 2005. This was before I saw that show My Name is Earl, so I didn’t copy that guy. Except for one trimming, the moustache has not been cut or tampered with that I know of. That means you get 100% Grade A unfettered or maligned moustache. That’s hot and a good deal no matter what you’re talking about!

Calling All AAARRGH-O-Nauts

I’m not kidding here. Make sure your speakers are turned on:

AAARRGH!! combines the attitude and sense of fun of POP ART with serious, results-based best rated treadmills under $500 and fitness training to help each client achieve the improbable: improved health, renewed vigor, a fuller appreciation of life, and best of all, the cartoonish physique you dare to dream about.Did you ever wish you could be larger-than-life, like Jayne Mansfield wreaking havoc just walking down the street in THE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT? The aim of AAARRGH!! is to help each client achieve his own level of confidence and star quality.If you want to be an Incredible Hulk man-monster, an idealized, flawless Captain America, a sleek Spiderman or even a subtle, still-waters-run- deep Clark Kent, we can relate.

We’re there to support you and help you achieve the comic book hero that’s already inside you, just waiting to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world!!

Go forth and conquer…

Oilman Bows To Public Pressure

Well enough of you moaned, bitched, cried, whined, complained, grumbled, groused, griped, muttered, lamented, carped, ranted, protested, objected, and whinged about the last incarnation of my blog. So fine…you win. Enjoy the new design you buncha jerks.