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Matt Cutts On SEO Rockstars

This just in:

Matt Cutts has agreed to come on SEO Rockstars with me and WebGuerrilla next Tuesday (January 31, 2006) at 4pm PST.

Let’s start gathering up questions and rants for him 🙂 Feel free to post in this thread until we get off our asses and get the SEO Rockstars blog redesigned and fully launched.

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How To Not Hire An SEO

Got this email today from and email addy that looks like

Ran across your ‘bio’ on some website and it souded like you could help us. Our site is pretty new and we are are pretty high on MSN, but would really like to get on the ‘big’ ones. Call me 111-222-3333

Names, domains and phone numbers have been changed obviously. The email addy looks to be his initials to start with.

Yeah – let me pick up the phone….

Monkeys and Rockstars

Well I’m very pleased that WebGuerrilla will be joining me on a permanent basis on SEO Rockstars on WebmasterRadio.FM. I’m sorry to say farewell to my long time cohost bakedjake but I know his schedule simply didn’t allow him to stay on. Jake, my brother, I wish you all the best and anytime you want to come on the show just pop me a note and we’ll relive old times 🙂 So what does the future hold for SEO Rockstars? A few things: 1 – will actually launch with a blog for the show 2 – Greg and I will actually plan shows in advance 3 – Special Guests – Matt Cutts will be joining us for a show in the next few weeks for starters 4 – back to the seo – we’ve been doing fluff bits for too long now – tools, tips, tricks all coming your way Tune in every Tuesday at 4pm PST (7pm EST).

V7N Comedy

zoinks scooby!!

The brain trust at V7N is was having a discussion about why Google doesn’t sponsor this SEO contest and V7N ambassodor Michael Allison posted this:

Google will learn a lot from this. They are nothing, if not astute.


I wondered why google didn’t post a big prize and let the gloves come off so they could study every aspect of it. Then it occurred to me that they could study this one and stay well away from any controversy.

Anybody in the room that thinks for 2 seconds that Google will learn anthing at all from a buncha link whores fighting over a gibberish phrase for the next 120 days please stand up so I can throw goldfish crackers at you.

MSN AdCenter Adventure Part 3

So I’ve been playing around with AdCenter for a few weeks now and there are a couple usability items that drive me absolutely nuts. First off is all the scrolling – up down left right all the time it slows you down to a crawl when you are entering a new set of keywords and using the research tool at the same time. When I have the keyword window open with the research tool I have to stretch my browser onto my second monitor to do away with the horizontal scrolling. So why do you have to open it so wide? Because the keyword window has a frame set in it that you need to access the scroll bar in as well. The screenshot below shows the all the scrollbars that are present when the browser is maximized to 1280×1024: The problem is the keyword field that is set to about a zillion characters wide: keywords That line really only needs to be about a third as long as it is and would solve a ton of scrolling issues. Next up is the research tool that only returns 5 results per screen. If I was still running a 640×480 resolution this might be useful but as it stands it’s annoying as all get out especially when there are 20 pages of results. Click, click, clickity click – argh. Just a short adventure for today. Tune in next time. I promise more regular AdCenter Adventure updates.

v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Well there you have it. Old news I know but I’ve been on the road the last few days so I’m really only blogging it for all you folks subscribed to my rss 😉 It should be pointed out tho that Johnny-boy Scott went and changed his rules as the last minute so that Greg, Mike and I will still have to pay out even if someone puts an unlinked banner on the page for John’s forum. Clever John. We could easily bail out at this point and save face by saying it’s not the same contest anymore but we’er bigger men than that beside I fully intend to win my own money and John’s which I’ll use to run a tab at whatever the next Search Conference is and simply blow the wad on my friends and whoever else happens to be in the bar at that point in time. I’ll do it too. Want a beer? Help me win – just link to this post – that will work fine…oh wait…[oilman rummages around his desk]…here it is…Matt Cutts…now I’m officially entered. Let’s all try and prove once and for all who the best seo is by ranking for a term that currently shows absolutely no friggin results at all on Google. ADDED: veeesevenenn – might as well go for his money too

Re: Happy New Year

Normally I can rip through an inbox of folder of 1000+ emails and delete the real spam by hand in mere seconds but so far this year I’ve succumbed to one specific subject line on a regular basis and opened emails that are trying sell me cialis or cartier watches. These devious emails spammers have very cleverly found a hole in my defeneses with a simple subject line:

Re: Happy New Year

Next year I will not send out New Year’s greetings with that subject line….

Buy A Drink And Change A Life

So I’ve been a corporate monkey for about 6 or 7 months now working as the Director of Search Engine Optimization for Range Online Media and part of my job is to staff my department with the best and brightest.

Recruiting. Ugh – resumes and phone calls oh my!

That was my thought on the subject until today. I was having a chat with my boss about this whole recruiting thing and he said this to me:

Recruiting is fun – you get to buy people drinks in the hopes that some day you can change their lives.

Now then – that’s my kind of recruiting. So if I offer to buy you a drink at SES or Pubcon you know something’s up cuz I NEVER pick up the tab. 😉