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Links, Condoms, Shit and Fans

Man alive – take a couple days off after SES Chicago to go to a Christmas party and the shit really hits the fan…

Referrals are through the roof on my old parody site Link Condom and I’ll tell you why even tho I’m sure you aleady know and the truth of the matter is that I’m just blogging about this story as a complete bandwagoner.

It turns out that Mr. Jeremy Zawondy is selling links using a broker (that I happen to buy from and recomend on a nearly daily basis). For $300 a month you can be a clearly defined ‘Sponsor Link’ on Jeremy’s blog. So that means if you’ve been under a rock for the past week or just got computer and logged on to the internet for the first time ever and somehow found your way here I should point out why this is news since many people sell links. Ok – here we go…

Who is Jeremy Zawodny?
Well, he’s this guy. Jeremy is *THE* quintessential blogger of our age. Getting a link on his blog is like actually striking oil in your backyard. A link on this dude’s blog will drive you traffic and link juice all day long. Remember hearing about authority sites? Jeremy is an authority on everything.

Why should I care if Jeremy sells links?
Because search engines hate buying and selling links. The practice of buying and selling links tends to point out he MASSIVE holes in their algorithms. The pointing out of holes in algos tends to not be an activity your typical search engine likes to see go on. So let’s tie Jeremy into this…Well, for starters he works for Yahoo. Secondly he’s essentially daring the engines to throttle his outflow of link juice.

So does Matt Cutts (btw: always link to Matt with the non-www version of his domain – he likes that) at Google flick the switch and turn off the flow from Zawodny’s site? C’mon – do it – we’re all watching and waiting with baited breath. Well, I actually have gold fish cracker breath today cuz that’s all that’s in the office.

To sum up: The shit hit the fan cuz Zawodny didn’t put a condom on his link.

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Rumor Mill – Microsoft Buys AOL

So I’m just hanging out here in bloody cold Chicago at SES and what do my wandering ears here? Microsoft has closed a deal with AOL.

Disclaimer: this is all rumor but I will update as I here more 🙂

Free Wifi at Seattle Airport

This is for all you road warriors out there…

If you’re passing through Seatac Airport and have time to get over to the A terminal where American Airlines flies out of you can get free Wifi from Tully’s Coffee. Technically you’re supposed to by a coffee and they give you the code but it hasn’t changed the past 5 times I’ve been here 🙂 So for all you not so thirsty for a $5 coffee:

Network: Tullys
Key: 2063333333

Anthony Noto & Phone Spam II

It would appear Anthony Noto is not a reader of this blog as evidenced by my voicemail this morning. Oh well, I’ll just add another shot to the nut sack…

Official Canadian Temperature Conversions

This came across my desk today and coffe came right out each nostril.

50° Fahrenheit . New Yorkers try to turn on the heat… Canadians plant gardens.
40° Fahrenheit . Californians shiver uncontrollably… Canadians Sunbathe.
35° Fahrenheit . Italian Cars won’t start … Canadians drive with the windows down
32° Fahrenheit . Distilled water freezes … Canadian water gets thicker.
0° Fahrenheit . New York City finally turn on the heat… Canadians have last cookout of the season.
-40° Fahrenheit . Hollywood disintegrates… Canadians rent some videos.
-60° Fahrenheit . Mt. St. Helens freezes… Canadian Girl Guides sell cookies door-to-door.
-100° Fahrenheit Santa Claus abandons the North Pole… Canadians pull down their ear flaps.
-173° Fahrenheit . Ethyl alcohol Freezes… Canadians get frustrated when they can’t thaw the keg.
-460° Fahrenheit . Absolute zero all atomic motion stops… Canadians start saying “cold, eh?”
-500° Fahrenheit . Hell freezes over… The Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.

Natural Link Acquisition

If you’ve ever sat in on linking panel that I’ve been on at SES or Pubcon you’ll have heard one thing over and over: Your link growth must look natural. The first misconception is that I mean your links should grow slowly. That’s not what I’m saying at all. There is far more to it than that. As yourself these questions:

How many links do my competitors have? What is the density of their various anchor terms? What is the spread of unique IPs these links come from? What are the authority sites in your space?

If you isolate the single issue of too many links too fast you have to throw out all those viral sites that rank over night. If that were the only flag we’d never see all those idiots shooting bottle rockets out of their asses rank their, tribute to idiocy, webpages overnight. So how do you gain natural looking links quickly? The first method that is commonly over looked is press releases. You can do a press release for anything you like and someone somewhere will pick it up as content for their site. This is cheap and effective. Start at PRWeb and for less than $100 you’re on your way to a pile of permanent links that, by nature of a press release, will be generally on topic. Secondly you can become the authority in your space by writing articles. Now, waiting for people to find these articles and link you their own is a painful experience that requires a the patience of a monk. There are several services out there to help you along. My favorite is Article Sender. It’s a donation base service that will submit your article to a vast array of potential publishers. Once again the pickup will vary by topic and industry but the cost/benefit of it is unbeatable by any standard. Now go get your links.

Becoming A Real Blogger Part Deux

So I decided to move the blog to my root URL instead of /blog and of course I broke everything. That a blogger Rite of Passage?