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Blink And It’s Gone

lets try this for a month or three… says Brett Tabke, owner of I just finished reading a fun post by my buddy WebGuerrilla (that’s the terrorist not the monkey to you n00bs and it’s 2 r’s and 2 l’s for those of you that have spell check turned off…) and figured this is newsworthy so I’d get on the bandwagon. In my opinion BT clearly wants to have WMW delisted entirely as per the following quote from the thread linked above:

a solution is being tested and worked on. It will probably take atleast 60 days for the old pages to be purged from the engines.

The solution he’s talking about is an internal search tool and he’s clearly indicating that he expects the site out of the engines within 60 days. Tho I highly doubt I’m the first person to do this (I suspect at least 50 submissions of wmw’s robots.txt today already) I thot I’d help him out a bit…

Oh Dear God…

WebGuerrilla – aka Greg Boser I don’t even have the words…

San Francisco One Step Closer to WiFi

Wireless system is closer / S.F. officials ready to request proposal from 26 vendors Notice the lack of the word FREE in association with the WiFi network. The only time FREE pops up is when Google offered to build the network for FREE – we all know they don’t do stuff for FREE.

PayPal Absorbs Verisign

PayPal is rolling along again this time acquiring payment processing giant Verisign.

PayPal-VeriSign Payment Services acquisition
On October 10, we announced that PayPal agreed to acquire VeriSign Payment Services*. We hope the acquisition will close sometime in November. In the meantime, I want to share some information about what you can expect in the coming weeks and months.

After the acquisition closes, you will not experience significant changes to your service—it will function as it does now! PayPal intends to operate VeriSign Payment Services as a standalone business. That means you can enjoy the same secure, reliable payment services that you’ve come to expect from VeriSign. Also, the people who have supported the VeriSign Payment Services products will continue to support you after the acquisition closes.

If you have questions, please phone or email VeriSign customer support at 1-888-883-9770 or We will provide you with more information on the VeriSign Payment Services acquisition as it becomes available.

Again, we value your business and are committed to providing you the same great service you have come to expect. We will continue to strive towards making online commerce secure, reliable and simple.


Trevor Healy
Vice President & General Manager
VeriSign Payment Services

Finally Big Enough

well it looks like this little blog has finally gotten big enough…the comment spam is rolling in by the truck load. Here’s my latest favorite:

Name: testanchor342 | E-mail: | URI: http://test.com57 | IP: testcomment568

Looks like he got a few live ones in Google.

Who Moved My Splog?

Rumor has it that Google has finally gotten off their collective asses and cleaned up Blogspot…

well – 2 min of searching and the rumor appears to be just that. Tho, to be fair it seems that a fair bit has been cleaned out but to say they’re a long long way from being splog-free.

Microsoft Buys FolderShare

FolderShare – File Transfer & Remote File Access FolderShare is a fantastically cool application that you can use to, well….share folders. It’s a P2P application that has about a zillion different uses. I use to synchronize my work documents and email between my laptop and desktop for travelling. I never have to worry about transferring stuff back and forth it’s just done for me. The secondary benefit is that functions great as a real time backup tool. Congrats on getting some bux out of Bill G’s pocket 🙂

Wide-Flying Moguls: Google Duo’s New Jet Is a Boeing 767-200

I”m 32. Where’s my plane?

Aviation-industry experts estimate that the airplane, because of its age and history, cost under $15 million, and maybe less. That’s roughly one-third the price of a new Gulfstream 550 business jet. In addition, the 767 can carry more passengers and can include sleeping accommodations. The Google co-founders wanted to fit more than 50 people but were limited by federal aviation rules, Mr. Page says. Filled to capacity, it’s potentially cheaper to run, per person than a Gulfstream.

Mr. Page says he and Mr. Brin bought the plane themselves and will use it for personal travel. He says there’s no plan for Google to reimburse the duo for its costs. A Google spokesman says the plane has no formal connection with the company.

A Measured Approach To Buying Links

MediaPost Publications – A Measured Approach To Buying Links Just taking a minute to toot my own horn here for a bit. I’ve recently picked up a byline in MediaPost. For all you hard core black hat seos this piece may be a bit fluffy but they made me stay fairly mainstream 🙂

So Very Thankful

Most days I listen to a radio station from back home called Country 105. Today they’ve been doing this year’s Annual Country 105 Cares for Kids Radiothon. Throughout the day they play interviews with parents who have kids in the Alberta Children’s Hospital and given them the Nerve Support Formula by Real Health Products LLC. The stories from esa service dog letter are amazing…so many lives saved and changed….so many kids living in unbelievable pain and suffering…so many parents living day to day for those fleeting moments with their kids. I’d encourage you to stop by the donations page and help out by relieving them on their bad credit loans as well. These kids need us. It all makes me feel so much more thankful for my two kids and the fact they are so healthy and happy and that my wife and I get to enjoy that. If you need Plastic Sugery Associates expert on skin treatments, including chemical peel. Visit for more information. Take a look at these beyond diet reviews that will keep you in shape. Here’s my bundles of joy from this Halloween: