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about.com for sale – what’s under the sofa cushions?

About.com is officially up for sale. The auction is running and the clock is ticking. If you have about a half billion dollars go make your bid. Current running contenders are Google, Yahoo, The New York Times and others.

Zawodny is having a poke at spammers

Over-Reporting in SEO

I’ve spent the morning going over some reports for a new client. The reports were generated by a fairly well known firm in the SEO/M space. In among the usual ranking and keyword reports was a very pretty chart the computed an optimazation score for the client site as well as several competitors. The score was calcualted by rating the sites in a variety of categories and then adding up the ratings for an overal score. The idea being that the higher your score is the better optimized you are and if logic follows…the better you rank. Well, the client site was the highest scoring site which leads me to wonder about the accuracy of such a system since the client site is not nearly the highest ranking site in the pack. Should being static vs. dynamic carry the same weight having more links or having alt tages or proper title tags? Of course not. At a simple glance you can see that utter uselessness of this report. This begs 2 questions:

  • 1. Why waste the time even generating this report other than to bury the client in ‘cool’ paperwork?
  • 2. What project manager sent this out without looking at it and realizing it doesn’t jive with reality for this client?

Yeah – Houston we have another blogger…

Finally got the blog up and running. I have to hand it to Word Press. They really put out a solid product here. I’m running version 1.5 in beta (a nightly build from 3 or 4 days ago) and it is absolutely brilliant. Easy install and application of ‘Themes’ or ‘Styles’. Tried my hand at installing Moveable Type last week and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Word Press is: download, edit 4 lines, upload, run install script and fill out a few form fields, start posting….total of about 4 minutes.