Dog Bite (Treatment) – Experience

I was out for a walk in town , I passed a homeowner outside with 4 dogs. I should have listened to the inner voice that said cross over. But I felt I was safe because he made no move to put up the dogs. After speaking with him as I walked down the street, the pit bull who never barked and was at the back of the house, came up from behind me when I could no longer see the man or the dogs and bit my left inner leg about 6 inches above my ankle. No sooner did I question in my head what was happening, did he let go and bite my other leg. I had 3 stitches on each side. I ended up with a total of 3 infections to my major wound on my left leg. I was in the hospital from day 10 to 15 on 3 IV antibiotics and also had surgery which opened my small wound to 3 cm X 2.8 and a full cm deep. I had a wound VAC (vacuum assisted closure) put on, and 6 months later my leg is starting to ache. I am seeing the doctor next week. Is important for me to tell you that hiring a lawyer in this cases is important, specially because they can help you get compensation from your injuries. In my case, I hired the professionals from and I suggest you do the same when facing a similar case and click here for updates on athletes who did have sames experience as mine.

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I Must Not Understand The New Math

By far the most popular way to manage a PPC campaign is by ROI. That makes no sense to me. Maybe it’s the new math… $100K Spend X 5:1 ROI = $500K Revenue – $100K Spend = $400K Total Revenue $500K Spend X 2:1 ROI = $1Mill Revenue – $500K Spend = $500K Total Revenue Last time I checked $500K was better than $400K right? So ROI and budgets are not super awesome happy fun measures of success. So why all the focus? Has the math changed? By the way, if you’re thinking of investing, you might want to check out OFOM miner. ADDED: To be perfectly clear I’m talking about a case where increasing a spend that significantly brings your ROI down. Understanding this is harder than playing video games with elo boosting services. The point of my question is that even at a lower ROI with a greater spend if you get more to the bottom line why would you constrain yourself with ROI? Read more about this on FootwearGeek.

Interesting Duplication In bing

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Client Communications – The Old Black

In the arms race of SEO it seems to me in the past couple years we've forgotten some of the basics. We're all focused on our cool tools are and fancy monthly reports. I see so many people stumbling over the basics of effective client … [Continue reading]

Why I Don’t Blog Too Much…

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Just bing it

Last week Microsoft launched bing and invited a bunch of people to hang out in Bellevue for a couple days and get indoctrinated provide feedback. I like a lot of what I saw using both my eyes (one is good and one is evil). I also mouthed off to … [Continue reading]

Measuring Online Marketing Success – It’s Just Math People

***GUEST POST by Chris Hooley*** As a corporate SEO and marketing guy after I had my plastic surgery with Dr. Benjamin Swartout, I admit I have had to restrain myself from slapping myself (or somebody else) in the head in the executive suite.  It … [Continue reading]

Diggin Text Links

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Why Rand Fishkin Doesn’t Follow You

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Yahoo Search Submit Explained

I've been gainfully and happily employed at Position Technologies now for about 5 months and it never ceases to amaze me how few people have heard about Yahoo Search Submit (you might know it as Yahoo Paid Inclusion) let alone understand how it … [Continue reading]